The spare or a difficult, the mini die

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I’m an Android powder, but when I had the opportunity to get the Air for the first time, I admire extremely sophisticated manufacturing process for apple. However, I seem to have existed on its first for a few days. For a long time, I have been thinking about a problem, when the smart phones are becoming more and more big, the laptop is becoming more and more light, represented by the tablet is the way out?

understand apple details of a new generation of the device and the iMac conference information,.

4 years, the nearly $30 billion in profit for apple. The demand of the market and profitable enough to tell. However, this does not mean that the future can still continue to have a rapid development. Jobs keenly capture four years ago in “the most suitable mobile phone size” and “the best experience of PC” between a temporary “vacuum”. PC occupied people sat in the office time, smart phones, occupied the people stand to walk out of time, in People’s Daily life and there is a between stand to sit at a desk and walk “and changeful attitude of free entertainment time”.

this vacuum, in my opinion, includes the following scenario: you lie in bed bored but the absence of other “entertainment”, go to the bathroom to take a micro movie, your mama calls you eat at your desk to play a little for a class of mobile games time… This vacuum, real don’t look down upon those sporadic entertainment time. No matter how hard you are, but also need to “release” from time to time. Not to mention most of us are in idle away our time, and that is exactly what the market.

however, the vacuum is temporary. Win the advantage is that it is greater than the phone’s screen, and entertainment experience is better; It than PC light, suitable for short mobile use in the home. The exist in a vacuum, four years ago, however, is gradually shrinking, even facing the demise of the ending in the future.

if it still has the ecological advantages of iOS can win over a pure play soy sauce Android tablet (7 inches above), so it is now the biggest threat is from its own product lines. When the iPhone 6 Plus has reached 5.5 inch screen, MacBook Air comes into the document holder, easy ground to walk, it seems to have no place.

apple has just been released from the Air and the 2 mini 3, apple itself also appears to have no competitive advantage of the mini has taken a laissez faire attitude. The Air 2 adopted higher processor performance, better screen, the design of the thinner, and the third generation of the mini except as well as the Air 2 equipped with fingerprint sensor, and almost a generation the mini Retina without any change. We should not only ask, when the Air first generation price $100, the mini 3 what is the ability to attract users to buy?

so, maybe the Air 2 this can survive a difficult, but the mini 3 will most likely die.

and IBM’s cooperation, if you can open a new heaven and earth in the enterprise market to the? Cloud network editor you personally think hunting is unlikely. What “enterprise tablet” how big is that market, this look has been bothered, but do not please painfully all understand Microsoft Surface.

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