The smart pen to help you to write while help you “typing”

maybe you will find the notes call directly to save in Word document the software to the cloud will be very convenient, but there are still a lot of people like a pen on the paper record their thoughts and some excerpts from meeting. According to these notes, like in the old style of science and technology industry also launched a variety of equipment, from the use of stylus tablets (such as Surface) to the so-called “smart”, the latter can record what you wrote, it can save when you complete notes and photographed the trouble the cloud again.

Equil Smartpen 2 is a intelligent pen camp’s latest products. It has a connect with bluetooth smart pen, a charging base and a receiver, the receiver can record everything you write on the paper. Equil second-generation smart pen and mobile and desktop client application, the user can record to write notes, you can also get a high quality PDF version after the scanning, the device can convert text written by a user to plain text and then uploaded to the company within a few minutes.

although Equil provide transcribed function is not so perfect, occasionally there will be some typographical errors, but if you simply the pursuit of such written in hand feeling for this aspect is not too one, I think this way will be very suitable for you, because you don’t have to worry about your writing of the paper can be lost at random, Equil Smartpen 2 had already done give you write the contents of the backup.

this morning, one is not the first time was so beautiful coincidence let me put the Equil Smartpen 2 in my real life work. I came to office only to find that I can’t log into my laptop (running Mac OS X Yosemite operating system). Repeat still failed after a few tries, I am compelled to give up the idea of using a laptop, because I received a phone call, told me to and an emerging enterprises to discuss the upcoming news. If you don’t take notes, I can’t enter the state, but, I hate it when I was writing the report with a piece of paper to record. Then I suddenly thought of this is an attempt to use Equil Smartpen 2 great opportunity. Although can’t share your copy of the note, but I found that mobile phone application to get the written records of the readability of than in my company account not get stronger automatic error correction version.

in terms of design, Equil Smartpen 2 from Adobe’s Ink & amp; Slide and gain inspiration AppleiPad folding cases. The appearance is quite smooth. But I personally prefer Equil can use the brushed aluminum like Adobe, because such a design both from the sense of touch and feel will be better quality in terms of writing. Of course, this kind of pen in Adobe sells for more than $169 in Equil $30, and in view of the crowd is also the Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, for example, designers and artists, rather than for those who merely to preserve their own notes and doodle design of the general population. Today, you can be in Equil ‘s Indiegogo page reservation with preferential price Equil Smartpen 2 (reached the raise goal, only $109 oh ~


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