The slums of cattle technology: lamp illume with football players run to stadium

here is just a small area originally, but with the Rio slum, they claim to have the world’s first may be powered by player movement to outdoor floodlight fame the football field.

the new technology was named the Pavegen, it can collect energy by the feet of people activity, and pele has publicly said that this is a radical innovation.

an AFP reporter witnessed the Pavegen Mineira last week (Rio slum near central) conference. Brazil, one of the greatest player pele said: “because the football, the world began to focus on Brazil, I hope I can through a series of scientific projects like this, let the world notice Brazil’s contribution to the world in other ways.”

new football stadium placed a total of 200 underground waterproof ceramic tile, the tile is made from materials containing 80% recyclable material, mainly to capture during the activity, the kinetic energy. In the evening, all these are stored energy is used to power a lamp. However, there are about 75% to 80% of the energy also comes from a samba schools be installed near the football field of attic absorbed by solar panels during the day. However, this technology may obtain a bigger development in the future.

this makes local residents association President Pedro Paulo Ferreira was deeply moved. He said: “we gradually began to have more faith in private enterprise, rather than those who only and may not do the practical work of the government.”

although the project brought football field free light, does not prove that it is no regret. Users have revealed that they each team think activity one hour to pay 50 reais ($20), and more over the weekend, is 70 reais, for they are the people who live in slums of this is definitely a small fortune.

although residents are in a public vote by the plan, but they are still in doubt.

“a football from Monday to Friday is empty.” 25 years old to work in a hospital of Bruno Olivera says, “we cannot afford the fees so now can only play on the outside of the community, to play here are the rest of the people.”

a Pavegen founder and chairman of Lawrence Kembell – Cook admits that the problem is real, he said in an interview: “now we can only through this way to reduce costs so as to continue to develop our technology.”


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