The sheepfold, the wolves come! Cisco joint TCL, into the cloud computing market in China

(/horse relief yi wen)

Reuters news that cisco announced and hardware equipment manufacturer TCL a joint venture in China, in order to knock on the door which cloud computing market in China.

it is understood that the cisco and TCL three phase has a total of 1600 m and $64 million. The cisco account for a 20% stake in the joint venture company, in the five members of the board of directors occupies a seat.

so far, we don’t know the name of the company.

China’s door has been open cloud services market internationalization. Microsoft, amazon, IBM cloud services has landed in China, have raised the domestic fight wars in the field of cloud services. Whether foreign monks to chant buddhist scripture, or a local monk can use right to win more? All that remains to be seen.

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