The recruitment platform Workpop for hourly workers crowd

there are a lot of in the world used to recruit and hire professional tools, such as industry elite LinkedIn. But, if you just want to looking for part-time or hourly workers? In the service sector, good employees is hard-won, job-hopping is very common. As a new job market, Workpop hopes to simplify the process of finding and hiring talent.

Workpop will will be launched for the first time in Los Angeles, the goal is about 76 million U.S. hourly workers, most of them are no detailed resume online or work experience. The platform through the following several kinds of methods to simplify the process of creating a resume: from Facebook and LinkedIn import information education and work, the configuration file and video recording is introduced to help employers to screen. Even need to take care of the children or in another job, they can play at any time.

in terms of hiring, Workpop provides a tool that can easily make the enterprise to create job recruitment list. The content of the work list including requirements, job description and information in the workplace. Given a lot of work have high job turnover, if a similar job openings, they can be used to the work list.

is the purpose of the platform in order to improve both sides of the operation of the process. For example, the enterprise and job seekers can see how much per job application. Through this platform, the two sides can also know whether job vacancies. If there is no vacancy, so recruiters can also be honest feedback to job seekers.

in future versions, applicants can log on to their home page, feedback on the home page to see what they are applying to, also can look at yourself and the skills of the gap between those who apply for success. The platform can also be analyzed to provide data to recommend that applicants may want to apply for the job.

the company is a former employee from the company GM Reed Shaffner and Viddy co-founder Chris Ovitz. Founding team also includes chief technology officer of Benjamin Berman and product director Henry Jay Yu.

the company had just ended the Trinity vc firms dominated A round of funding, worth $7 million at the same time, the Trinity of partner Dan Scholnick joined the board of directors. In the seed round before, the company received $900000 in capital. Investment in the seed round and SV Angel, Evan Williams and Biz Stone Obvious Ventures, Cornerstone OnDemand, Joe Lonsdale, Aaron Levie, missile Ventures, David Tisch Box Group, Ironfire Capital, Plus Capital, Facebook’s Lee Linden, Jim Pallotta, Dennis from IVP Phelps and Michael Marchetti.


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