The rabbit hole: interactive 3 d display, domestic outfit also move up


the home on the Internet to show the general way is through a single, not much connection between each other images, combined with some text to illustrate the theme of the design and key users. When 3 d in domestic outfit, and what new tricks, new skills, take you Get hunting cloud network.

you must have the same problems, and I chose something home outfit works when decorating, according to the pictures offer to you first need to think of myself did not provide the design of the part in the design, then the spatial relations between images needs to be sorted out. However this way is lacking of domestic outfit design would be flawed, after all, we are not professional designers, it is impossible to consider so comprehensive, general finally decorate out the result is likely to be neither fish nor fowl, or even completely deviate from their original intention.

rabbit hole to build a new platform for the furniture exhibition, modernism using 3 d virtual space for furniture display, and allows consumers in 3 d virtual space to furniture for interactive operation. That makes furniture show from simple an interactive two-dimensional plane, conversion to interactive 3 d scene. At present there are two main display mode:

1, panoramic household display: choose an outfit in the design of the location of the best panoramic photo, then taken out the panorama of processing, display, allowing users to 360 ° no dead Angle to appreciate the every corner of home decoration design, without the user’s own to imagine those ordinary images don’t provide the details of the parts. At the same time, we will design the window extracted out by ordinary images to display, convenient user for reference.

2, 3 d home outfit show: if the user not only hoping to get a satisfactory residential cases also want to own some personal changes in local, so panoramic household is helpless, so we also provide 3 d household as a supplement. We will home outfit design into a 3 d model and to display, on the Internet in this way, we created a virtual 3 d space, provides to the user to feel, experience the decoration works. Users can in the home outfit design of the furniture is put in a 3 d virtual space walk, the household design of unsatisfactory changes independently, create perfect in their own home.

the main users of roughly two kinds, the first is an outfit demanders: they will first through the panoramic display household decoration design for understanding, if you find the style of the decoration design, effect is compared with their thoughts will display area into 3 d home outfit, a detailed understanding of domestic outfit design, part of domestic outfit design carried out at the same time, the replacement of furniture or adjust the placement of the part of the furniture. Can view after the home outfit design meet the requirements of their own home listing, listing details will be the price of every piece of furniture, online shopping address, user can directly order to purchase by address link.

the second is an outfit lovers, they like to collect some good home outfit design work as well as some domestic outfit design inspiration. They can put forward their own unique opinion at the discussion area of the website or to share their ideas, those who need to decorate the user can also can seek help, the discussion area for some senior relative professional lovers can through our 3 d function design and then share out all of his own works.

Wang Hao, founder of the rabbit hole, Ding Mingfeng all graduated from jiangxi university of finance and economics, computer related major. Early this year began to resign, after six months of development, launched in August this year, the first edition in mid-august, update and modify the project, in early November, project 2 degrees online. Product since early November online again, high praise, as of December 14, users browse quantity has to break.

when it comes to entrepreneurial inspiration, Wang Hao convective cloud network said: the presentation of the basic sites have no too big change, change only the content, if we can be like a game, through the way such as 3 d would household display, on the Internet to create a realistic furniture display 3 d space, then will bring customers a new experience, accepted by the user. So, we did not start the rabbit hole the thought of this site.

Wang Hao truth now main competitor is similar to the pomegranate community, soil, rabbit and other household display site, as well as the major portals household display module, the household site focus is on the content, the diversity of the content on the competition. And we not only pay attention to the development of content, at the same time, by showing the different way, to the user in a completely different, more real, concrete experience. And in the future we need to transform to the household services, establish a set of domestic outfit design online display, home outfit design, furniture sales in one of a comprehensive home service website.

at the same time, Wang Hao are convective cloud network that the current user feedback is main content slightly insufficient, are currently trying to complement the lack of content, but due to the complexity of 3 d model making, understaffed and other reasons, the content of the supplement of slower, so now we are actively expanding team, hope to find like-minded people to join us, together with us to build our website.

the rabbit hole


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