The power of walking, a prick silk and the story of the counter attack

appreciate slowly, a prick silk and the story of the counter attack.

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liu Sir, and many young people from the mainland to the north of guangzhou, no background, no trenches on dad, no big circles, after graduating from college, south to shenzhen with dreams.

in 2000, graduated from university advertising professional and excellent grades, let him find 1 can dine job in shenzhen, a monthly salary of 1500 yuan. With liu Sir Optimistic words, he is very lucky, the same group of students to deep, some people spend until all travelling expenses, still live in bagua ling ten yuan in the shop. During the Spring Festival in 2001, liu Sir Left 1000 yuan of money, put the rest of the year saved 6000 yuan of all sent it to the parents, had only one person in shenzhen during the Spring Festival. On the first day after getting up, in 10 square meters dormitory, liu Sir Electric stove cooked a pot of white porridge, Fried two eggs, a pickle, eat too full. At 8 o ‘clock to the roadside booth, after hang up a call greetings to her parents, homemade salt drinking last night, his back to start a day trip.

the trip, is to “walk”, according to the prior off route on the map, from liu Sir Bagua ling after leaving the dorm, a south. He was going to shennan red hill road to see the portrait of deng xiaoping countless times on TV. This time, his “serious” luxury coupe, spent 5 yuan of money, in a fast like, and then continue to travel. He joked with us, their own “lines” kung fu as the great mercy temple sadhus, thanks to that year in the countryside, every morning on the road to catch up in nearly 30 schools in town during morning independent study, if there was a smart watches, I estimate that day stroll down no 50000 in at least 30000 steps. Sir Liu recalled, it was the first time that he is to the east gate street, although there are some merchants during the Spring Festival holidays are still in business, also is so prosperous, streets in Hong Kong and Taiwan songs and let yourself this “old soil” what all feel fresh. In the evening, he went to luohu port, look at crowd, hand bags of New Year greetings letters and children wear new clothes, liu Sir Remembered in his hometown in hunan Chinese New Year, in order to save money already 3 years did not return home. At 11 PM, trudging carry empty water bottles, back to the house. Next to the guangdong colleagues brought him a bowl of hot soup, called him to watch TV together. Off neighbor, liu Sir Dig out the rest of the morning porridge, with soup and pickle, eat up. “For the past watch TV a little earlier, were both almost choked to death.” Liu Sir Wry smile.

after the Spring Festival holiday for three days, liu Sir Life trajectory and fixed up, arrive early, working overtime is the norm, he even think whether the rhythm to the rest of my life. But to return to work after two months, Hong Kong boss will go to the dongguan factory do electronic dog products, advertising company to be sold. New boss have a bunch of people, liu Sir And more than 20 old employees so time out of work. Notice in the morning, at noon, we went downstairs to the sha county snack eaten dinner party, said colleagues talk about their own plan to each parting words, the most to trouble liu Sir’s hands, where you live? Company have informed move out within a week.

at that time, almost who are struggling to cities have experienced such a loss, don’t know where is the next month’s salary? Don’t even know where is tomorrow. In talent market for a week after an inconclusive, liu Sir Defected to the village on the sand factory a student dormitory, continue to apply for a job. One night, before sales colleagues came to see him, and invited him to just go to the new company to do design and planning, that is a company that make learning machine products, later is also well-known brands. “I always believed that there is no man so helpless pain as long as the character of can also, not too bad luck, I from 2002 to the company, worked until 2009, from at the bottom, until later road director position.” Liu Sir Regrets way. In 2010, liu Sir To join in a famous communication corporation is responsible for the brand advertising business, wife and child family lived in a bamboo forest near the old district, life has been relatively stable. But day after day, the stability of some agitated, let liu Sir Have time on the weekend, liu Sir Will take part in bike riding, hundred kilometers on foot, he liked the idea of “walking”…

go to KTV to sing, a lot of people point song jiang, shi yuzhu, ma… On the road. Liu also like Sir, he said he sing the song again excited.

in 2013, at a party, he met the former colleague and good brothers for many years, tang Sir And zhang Sir. Tang Sir When do product planning in consumer electronics companies, zhang Sir For so many years has been the commissioner of a electrical appliance factory is responsible for the production and supply chain. After dinner was over, tang Sir Took them, “go! Give you my new stuff, is me today’s transportation. “. With curiosity, they go to the hotel front desk next to the space, see a is like a bicycle, and as a tricycle monster. Zhang Sir Shouted: “hey…… What is this thing yo? Very cool!” . Liu Sir Also asked “can ride a car is this? Seat? Can’t turn!” Tang Sir Sold a imprison son: “go, try out! See you who can conquer her!”

the three friends came to the edge of the road, more than nine o ‘clock at night shennan road pedestrian is not much. Tang Sir Left foot on the pedal, the body up the vie, right foot push hard, riding up. Gaping Sir Liu and zhang Sir. In a short time, tang Sir Came back from the sidewalks and ride up, also didn’t get off invitation: “come, each master you try first!” . Liu Sir Take bus is also learning to cross, the question comes, how to push, letting his stand. This scene to zhang Sir Laughter, volunteered: “Lao liu is not the goods, I try!” . Zhang Sir Don not Sir Method, according to ride a bike on his way, a foot to step on, rushed forward, again across the body. In the words of liu Sir, posture that soil, up to now I do not want to do, too not to force the. But the indigenous method, Lao zhang while also crooked ride up and walked away. Novice is always new, turning at the end of the road, because the operation is not familiar with, zhang Sir People and cars fell and fortunately xiang-qian che, stayed in its place, do not have true hurt too much. Turn of liu Sir Ha ha laugh, tang Sir Frowned, not laugh. Recalls liu Sir, the car has been a technical problem not solve, poor stability, tang Sir Have been addressed and method is not allowed. Chapter Sir Panting back, had just now, he gets out of position easily. Stand firm, said zhang Sir: “old tang, this is good stuff! Fun! Suction eyes ah, just that a few beauty’s eyes, to see my wine awake!” . Liu Sir Jokingly: “beauty is a car is good!” . Zhang Sir Continued: “hey hey, people also ok. However, Ken!” He is often so, talking about the important topic is will temper a sudden turn. “I need to change the things I see there are several places, some parts have a better solution, such as the brake and disc brake to be better, rear the wheels of the skateboard is this? Feel is too small, not stable. Liu, you don’t laugh, this is not my technical problems, this is what ascension space………… “.

that night Sir Be Sir And liu tang Sir Intense technical discussion was stunned, liu Sir Go ahead, they followed by loud talking about all kinds of content. Unconsciously, unexpectedly to the grill liu Sir Home downstairs. Three friend carry forward the continuous fighting spirit, also called a case of the old kingway, with wooden barbecue roast sheep hoof, continue the discussion. Liu Sir Tube to them, the waiter will come to a few points menu zhang Sir In the drawing on the back, Sir. Zhang has been listening to, from time to time in the record. Soon, order all finished, liu Sir To a whole book to give them this time, gradually oneself also went to join in the discussion. Liu Sir Said I don’t like both of them are mechanical specialized graduation, but the years of design experience and cycling hiking interest, in the day of the discussion on the important work.

“no matter what, to summarize analysis, even if coffee every day, today is better than yesterday! This is the pet phrase of tang Sir, so our discussion and testing has been performed.” Tao liu Sir In a determined voice. Day after several months, liu Sir Involved in almost every discussion, sometimes is Sir Called zhang, is sometimes don Sir Called, occasionally there will be some tang Sir Little teacher younger brother to join together. This special time to recall so wonderful, passionate and full of limitless possibilities. Is also in this period of time, liu Sir Inside the “walking” feeling stronger and stronger, of course, at this time of “walking” has not cool when a person back a big barrel of salt to walk, so, liu Sir Also struggled for a long time. On a Friday afternoon, he made three words “on the road”, tang SIr and SIr. Then issue a: “2000, my cabin BBQ there.” The strange thing is that both didn’t WeChat back. Evening arrived at the cabin, he found that the two brothers had sat in the old place, smoking a 10 yuan a box of zhongnanhai, smoking there, not a word. Before he takes a seat, Sir. Zhang first talked: “liu, are you serious?” .

Sir Liu recalled later on, when he asked them a few questions: “first, don’t talk about the future, the car ourselves to play for half a year, do you like it? Second, although it is not perfect, but we have the ability to continue to improve it? Third, we have a lot of people like to ride out, why can’t introduce it to more friends to play together? In shenzhen, at least in the mangrove forest, if we can meet more new friends? We play together, sport?” . Never thought the words sound just fell, zhang Sir Toast shouted cheers, liu Sir Scratching their heads and a mug of kingway draft finished. Chapter Sir Then just smiled and said: “liu! Brothers after seems to be every day together, ha ha!”

originally, zhang Sir Encouraged early tang Sir Take this “big toy market transition,” tang Sir Has always insisted on careful attitude. Until last weekend, zhang Sir Take tang Sir To xili lake a college campus, two people just riding a car into the playground of the runway, running and playing student immediately surrounded them, some people in the pictures of the car, some trial run, more people are asking this is what east east? This time, cracked soup Sir, how expect that micro letter received today liu Sir. “The WeChat should be touched his straw.” Liu Sir Smiled and said: “everyone happy reached a consensus that night, drink a beer box, eat a roast sheep hoof, but just got home, just received tang Sir Micro letter, ‘tomorrow afternoon, west clearing center book, car’. Careful, perfection is the style of tang Sir, sometimes a little paranoid, he said he must let more people, people of different status, different age all try this big toy, listen to more Suggestions and feedback and test market.” Liu Sir Drink one mouthful tea, continue to say: “zhang Sir First arrived at that day, tang Sir Back a big bag of various hardware tools, pump, spare parts, he said that can be set-up at the scene of the car. Unexpected effect of the scene that day, almost stopped passing people, especially weekend exercise bike or young friend, tang Sir To keep order, liu Sir, Sir And spontaneously invited to help good brothers and sisters, in that area surrounded by a crowd of middle, counseling group after group of brave rider, on some competitors, 5 minutes, or both, to 10 minutes and 90% have successfully conquered our big toy.”

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