The potential of human biological data: wait for digging, according to “emotional market”

cloud network hunting note: biological monitoring market namely mood, is through the biological recognition technology to grasp people’s emotional state. When people in the entertainment and life experience can communicate and control your emotions, open the sensor data to let developers, marketers, according to the user’s state of mind to promote products. Biological monitoring market will certainly to wearable monitor for development direction, through it all.

smart watches and fitness equipment industry recently. They and other competitors, whether a commercial product or equipment is in a mess, they pursue the same customer with the same function products. Sure these devices can do more than tracing footsteps, walking miles, sleeping, and general activity, isn’t it?

the majority of devices, like the Jawbone Up and Fitbit, have similar sensing system; But developers to open the sensor data to a third party but there is a great potential. We have from Microsoft and samsung who entered the major electronics manufacturers who saw the profit.

smart watches and fitness wristbands new sensors to monitor the user’s heart rate, maximum oxygen consumption, sympathetic response, blood sugar level, ecg and temperature and so on. People in the near future is always dressed in detection system. We are standing at the leading edge, the laboratory science to everyday life, create an unprecedented human biological data explosion.

these data has increased people’s own understanding of the human body, promote the development of new biological systems, the development to provide users with the micro level of self-awareness and other new services. We start time, timing is sensor’s course work. With time, we can know when the user in the “writing”, we use our contact and communication with us.

GPS provide us bearing, let companies know when and where the user signal communication. Based on the application of GPS and function completely changed the way travel and advertising. Let us know who is the user fingerprint sensor, there are many companies can even know what the user is doing.

now that we know that who is the user, they want to do, when and where we need to, then the next step in the development of sensor data is “how”, this is very exciting, because we will be able to know “the user is how to do”, “how they feel. Forget the eyes and display data. Forget the NFC and paid amount. New equipment is the most exciting part is not in the front, and in the rear of the sensor is located. Here is the place where the fitness equipment will change the world.

these devices can really ACTS as a barometer of health, but if I’m watching Netflix when open the equipment switch? If when I across the fence into starbucks opened the monitor? If I were in you see Facebook page different monitoring your biological reaction? Equipment can be detected when we are in the entertainment and life experience of biological state?

these problems to develop the biological monitoring of a new territory, it is people in application, experience and entertainment can also accept biological monitoring. People will form to our application, developers, and the friend’s new understanding of biological level. It can improve the user’s emotional sensitivity and will more effectively intervention and control your emotions, it will affect what we’re all done, including entertainment and all other energy consumption activities. This is what I call the biological monitoring market or emotions.

imagine after dating men and women both parties are willing to share their biological data. Imagine the choice of entertainment are based on the preference of your mood, when you walk into the cinema or watch TV before they know whether they conform to your current emotional state; Imagine the film was shot in the staff no longer pen and paper records, test the reaction of the audience from then on, nobody care what critics say, because they understand the audience’s feelings; Imagine for a game company can directly obtain the stimulating emotional response. They can now based on the random selection of each user, each of the emotional state to create the beautiful experience of skinner box. (skinner box, is one of the founders of the new behaviorism psychology skinner’s operant conditioning for research and design of experimental equipment.)

if you can let others know how we feel, that we and other People’s Daily communication is much more interesting. Imagine OKCupid using biological analysis pattern matching similar emotional reaction, or imagine a date after both sides agree with each other to share their biological data scenarios. You can also obtain their data analysis, you will understand their position in your heart and your position is not the same as in their hearts, people no longer embarrassed to call each other explanation.

on the other hand, if others see you, the display will appear a peak, then you will talk about a good time tonight. We don’t know love at first sight before what is the biological response, but now have a biological monitoring we’ll know soon.

our emotions is also changing along with the daily consumption. Take the shop, the device will show you into each store, see every employee and experience the emotional state of every talk. Equipment can adjust their services according to the pressure peak period.

benefit is the most largest advertising. Advertising company won’t Jennifer bid, but be happy according to Jennifer, Jennifer sad or any other emotional state of Jennifer to provide the corresponding products.

that sounds in the raid, in fact it is so. Advertising is the use of us. However, we will also improve the fight, the method of using emotion fence to protect myself. Application and user center, emotional fence company will arises at the historic moment, they help the user perceived their emotions are used to build around them. If you are angry or have a bad day, you may not be willing to was forced to accept a “happy AD”. Emotional fence will shield you don’t want to accept these ads.

emotions have an effect on both sides of the fence. Recall your recent experience a bad day, and then think of all the advertising that day. If procter & gamble (P& G) of the new advertising campaign with a happy family, smile of children and the cheerful music as the theme, so these ads I’m afraid I can’t resonate with users with sadness or depression. Due to the biological monitoring accurately lock many people’s mental state is not suitable for these ads, so this kind of mood fence can prevent brand waste money making inappropriate advertising.

this is a new realm of data monitoring. We will explore with every heartbeat, every time, go deep into the unprecedented new horizons, contributing to a new correlation analysis data, for human health, behavior and biological reaction with more advanced solutions.

according to the report as you read, as of 2018, the body will be filled with 285 million pieces of health equipment, compound annual growth rate as high as 40%. It is estimated that sales of smart watch will increase from $2013 in 2013 to 2018 in 92 million. We should not be to ask “what will happen if”, but “when”. Many companies have opened their sensor devices, developers will be able to access these previously published biological data.

these access will greatly change the present situation of the commercial wearable hardware. We should put more of our equipment, rather than merely track we walk and go to bed. Although slow start, but we are standing on the commanding heights of the new world, our mission is to pry open the biological monitoring markets and create opportunities and new field of vision.

maybe a year later, I can not only know that you have read this article, you can also learn to read it. Who knows?


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