The pit of Internet mode, didn’t grasp the rules are bullshit

cloud network hunting on September 26th (word/water Yan)

The day before yesterday, baidu held with “Internet drive China’s innovation” as The theme of a new period of The BIG Talk. Please come to the former editor of wired, “free” “long tail” founder Chris Anderson. As a 3 d one of the founders of Robotics, drone, with his reputation in the industry, the success in the domestic to brush a face.

ok. About the grade of the meeting, xiao yun the published a point what good? Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to redefine the logistics? Open ecosystem has the edge? Big data is very cow force? The Internet is very prosperous new hardware?

well. Xiao yun very interested in these are actually, but every problem is very complicated, so xiao yun just review xiao yun know the present situation in these areas.

drones to redefine the logistics?

this is still on the stage of dream is, in fact, although technology has been able to achieve, but the problem of toB, speed, cost, safety and accuracy are all problems.

even if in the future can be achieved, but also is a luxury service, or a “snap” service, not everyone just can afford and use. Also need to police departments, in order to prevent the emergence of the “civil aircraft” activities.

as long as you have enough money, enough for good luck, will enjoy the medium three sets of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) relay for you beyond the traffic restrictions, points minutes without artificial, all mechanical operation all the goods delivered to your hands! And then you took a village people to accept! This way, even if in the online shopping, also let oneself have noodles times, propaganda effect. Straight and user experience beyond the offline store.

but in this way, the service is likely to be the first in China, after all, only China has the ability to launch such a harsh policy.

in the meeting, Anderson also showed lack of confidence to this way of logistics, and the other is put forward that occupy the home or office space and convenient service this segmentation purposes. Namely you print a document, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to help you to get on your desk. Save this thing.

however, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) the horsepower engine noise, place in the office?

actually, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) the purpose is very much. With Anderson described the technical level, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to install cameras, sensors, already can perform accurate professional surveying and mapping tasks. Future with various sensors, video entertainment, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) precise surveying and mapping API, connected to the smartphone, creating more outdoor game isn’t too difficult.

but personally used in bar dance, dance, as a tool to use special lighting, lighting, also appears better experience, more promising. For entertainment is a bigger market!

open ecosystem has the edge?

specific issues specific analysis, apple live is not very good?

open ecology abroad is very fire, and “open banner of Google fans around the world, popular, attitude bright. And domestic consumers is a pair of contradictory mentality, in the face of the new foreign technology, total hope is free, open source and the domestic company all together for your service. Facing the open security, stability, and hope that the domestic company “do technology, packaging closed to do a good service”.

so asked you what is the attitude, can say things, my countrymen, that basically said, hope to like apple has closed good service, can like android open again at the same time, allow yourself to download a third-party applications of piracy.

ha ha.

the battle over the open and closed in the world has been regarded as the rule of law. At present the some of the more advanced social organization that closed source is not legal, overseas for questioning of the patent system, the debate is also very serious.

the more advanced social groups say: the world should be open source, the current system to let companies are using various means of operation, the people have taken to create these technology research work. Technology is the civilization of mankind, and should not become the patent of certain groups, should be open to all people to learn to use again. the government should create a new system, the technical open source, and then in the open source platform, all r&d staff contribution to improve more technology together. Then using this system directly benefit the developer.

in 2013, the Internet genius Aaron swartz depression because of the open source concept clashed with government committed suicide, communicated on this event with the documentary the spread of the Internet “, and people all over the world attention.

the most ironic thing is that people consciously shy in front of the “shanzhai” foreigners, foreigners actually the acceptance for it is much better than the americans. The guest Anderson attitude toward copycat is also very obvious reason to accept.

foreigner’s view is that the shanzhai is the result of the competition, since the shanzhai products can take the best quality and the inventor of the market, is a sign that you are the creators could have done better. “Existence is reasonable”, what kind of system can put the “original” and “shanzhai” good consideration, which is the real civilization, the real future. now the patent system is only to make social benign operation and the evils of compromise.

and domestic system of shanzhai, because let the interests of all parties, vested interests through a variety of mouth, turned into a disgraceful scar, who let the shanzhai makers have no voice? Little imagine, imitation is the most pure and free of commercial civilization. In related shanzhai topics hunting cloud network made a detailed explanation, interested readers can walk,,,.

the shanzhai deficiency is a normative management, guiding system, the innovation of the strongholds emerge in endlessly, the fastest response, not only a good system to ensure that their innovations, only through more powerful market operation to accumulate strength and speak slowly.

this is better than “andie”, boasts about riding everywhere, such as policy, and other models are more advanced civilization, nod. The fake are the precision of their vision, market operation, slowly accumulate the advantages of the industrial technology. Foreign entrepreneurs don’t also is such? Besides domestic does not have any specification of the rule of law market justice to them.

big data very cow force?

big data does not generally charm, but the first thing you want to do big data resources and data. Big data can provide more convenient and fast service function. But the same service a lot in this world, but few success.

so service just basic services, from the service to the excellent user experience also sent dozens of product manager.

new hardware is booming Internet?

new hardware is still in its infancy, the Internet is the real mature at least five years. Unable to benefit the public in the short term, is still a niche market.

Internet hardware real essence, through a variety of interactive propaganda on the Internet, and cooperate with the capital market will be a product or a type of product concept propaganda, to mobilize capital operation, make a lot of free capital accumulation in the “future science and technology”. To achieve better resource allocation, is not a genius is allocated by manpower, moral self can reach.

help entrepreneurs to share more of the risk of these areas, so as to play the role of entrepreneurship. This is a long-term system produced by the free market business civilization, compared with relying on an arms race creating new technologies, this just seems to be human.

every time a new business system, the evolution of civilization, is actually find more outstanding, more fair resource allocation method.

the domestic environment, market factors affected too much, entrepreneurs should pay attention to, open source, free, Internet mode just form, is not the core purpose. The real core is resources, you can pass their own hands to mobilize how to create a mechanism of resource allocation.

in order to realize the resource allocation mechanism, you can according to need, choose open source closed source, free to pay, and so on. Operation mode is to teach you how to grasp these concepts more resources, rules, and then create a benign operation mechanism of resource allocation.

this time Anderson accept baidu, for example, and give full play to the own hands can use of resources, to come to China to brush a face, promote the brand, pull the visibility. A potential market popularity potential market to a larger, more means good supply chain more willing to cooperate. Get a new resource allocation.

this is not our party took power, he already knows, for civil servants, “media” is still a powerful control. Domestic “open source” and “free” is actually in the chaotic market condition, the entrepreneurs have to make compromises. Why didn’t the domestic Internet foreign companies that large ecological technology co., LTD has produced “tencent” dog day? reason is that domestic company needs all the time to master more resources, grasp the rules, so as to avoid becoming a “tragedy”. this is also an opportunity.

so, entrepreneurs must note: from the beginning in the entrepreneurial process, you and your team? What resources gradually mastered?

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