The pit of hardware in the entrepreneurial process that you don’t know

article source: since the founder of the ride down Huang Wei auspicious

wearable hardware fire for a year, all kinds of bracelet watches emerge in endlessly, the difference of physical and design for a moment, a moment a variety of delay a skip, various met once for a while, these what is the problem? We walk together, see hardware business will encounter what difficulties.

the first step in the discussion stage

first of all, to do a wearable hardware, entrepreneurial teams need clear train of thought, come first first hardware or software.

simple say you want to build an android platform for the system, then the market of android software based on wearable devices to redefine; Mature application software, and hardware to define the application according to the requirements of application.

the former is now very popular android smart watches, female physiology period measurement applications belong to the latter, also like sports, sports fans get movement by wearable hardware service applications and physical data, and then provide feedback suggestion to the hardware to form a closed loop interaction, this is riding down want to do.

if you choose to have the hardware, can go to the village to find a solution company make a solution. Soon be red m beat the shanzhai phones, they are on the way out. Is now a tablet for empire, a big Bob wearable device immediately solution will also appear, one hundred yuan of smart watch just around the corner. So, you will find out your products, and then many third-party brands also came out quickly, the final was lost in the mire of the price war.

if you choose to have the application to the hardware, at least should be mature mobile application, then the team has the hardware Daniel, mix design, supply chain and contract circle. So you have a chance to talk to the hardware design team on the tall drink a cup of tea about the truth. By spectrum is that several, of course, very good search, cost, of course, also very by spectrum, almost five times the price of shanzhai factory in shenzhen. But you see the team of design and implementation capacity, product engineer scale, the scale of hundreds of millions of experiment research and development equipment of hard and soft strength after the show, the in the mind also feel many, the money’s worth.

step 2 design stage

immediately, with design companies to participate in, your way of wearable hardware was already taken the first step.

design company will confirm with you all the ideas and application scenarios, and then according to your demand would come out to the prototype design renderings, product function definition of key parts and product ID confirmation document, at the same time to BOM List (BOM) allow you to do a cost and financial analysis. Day to kill, of course, the design of the stage of research and development, and production molds and all fees will be presented to you, and then defined the research and development milestones and payment schedule. You agree, you continue to do visa seal.

to install a recognition on the tall design team is forced to tip. You can ask solution company me this authorization bluetooth need not to buy the equipment, to make some authorized? My sensors have authorization algorithm does not? The answer here is not released, anyway, a lot of design team will tell you we have to fix, the without authorization. Like open android devices, do not need to pay licensing fees, but like android is also need to be authorized!

carry live blood billing and payment schedule, because as long as you have skill, take effect can start looking for investment, public marketing to booking. But the rendering with the finished product can be the same, I can see only apple this great god, besides the somebody else a project at the same time, five or six design team in parallel development without money, we can do it?

the third development ﹀ began to research and development stage, the normal one hardware research period around 180 days to mass production stage. Halfway between there will be two or three sample milestone, distribution on behalf of the finish to a certain stage of the product.

the first milestone for normal in 45 days or so, there will be the actual samples, the realization of the function of the can achieve almost 70%. To this point can prove that the product is can achieve mass production already, WBH. You can now various video various channels of publicity, normalizing the raised platform can play, it is also necessary, of course, open to booking! This time you brand packaging team ability.

however, this time don’t have any additional functions, such as the design is good, your perfect gene drive the products you want to do again a little bit thin again a little bit small, but remember, you are not a apple, samsung, HTC, millet, do you want to meet and achieve your original idea, you do not have money also have no influence on contract. If you want to, I’m sorry, but this extreme disaster brings uncontrollable cost. Specific say, anyway, it’s seen a lot of people use bloody money to pay summed up the lesson.

in 90 days, the design team will jointly may contract to you for about 100-300 only the sample of the product, complete degree should be in 95%, can scatter flowers to celebrate! On the design team will provide you with the latest draft as the design confirmation, collect feedback was improved, and provide feasibility scheme after 2.0, 3.0. And shenzhen chamber of commerce as the finished product to sales, you choose depends on you.

step 4 OEM stage

words to 120 days, mass production of the product equipment scheme is also put out, this time began looking for a contract.

contract this job depends on the design of the company’s ability and avatar, shenzhen is near solutions company looking for a factory to do, anyway, we are doing. For example, some factory give you 30 tons of die stamping appearance is 60 tons, they can make products is all kinds of error, thick shanzhai breath. Give you drop the bill design team, of course, is also a cow force foundry to give you find, normal is a good gay friend or close their son.

cow force of the contract are the several of Taiwanese bosses, its specific everyone can think of, their hands a pile of patents, is also the whole of your product to take on some of their patent things before they are willing to help you to OEM, design company in traditionally plus help you design the product, otherwise how are good gay friends? At least I know now on the market for big factory OEM products go on, deep-pocketed hardware entrepreneurial teams of course a different matter. As for the actual product have a contract thing is another thing, because of many uncertain factors in.. If you don’t take these patents, they ship a month hundreds of thousands of, your stuff is drizzle, can only look at their mood and the avatar of the design team.

product after

mass production product, the test is your team’s marketing, promotion and customer service skills.

if the entrepreneurial team can be done yourself with product design, development, design, with mould, foundries, smooth the product come out, I really want to say, the cow!

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