The Philippines 10 interesting startups

late last month, the Philippines Ideaspace business incubator ushered in the incubation of the year award “show day” (D – day), as college students after four years study graduation dissertation day “.

you don’t know D – day? So the question is coming! For startup experience through all choose, from product formulation, development to rebuild, every link strict control, months of research and development will be in the D – day this day “at the end of the trial”. “This is their graduation day!” Executive director of Ideaspace Diane said eustace.

however, the meaning of D – day far from it. In a narrow sense, D – day refers to the incubation enterprise to investors show their ideas and plan, investors decide whether further investments accordingly.

in the D – day of this year, hatch Ideaspace investment ten innovative enterprises shows the new results, from mobile applications to the folding bike lights to salt water, everything is full of originality, amazing. Cloud network editor you hunting for you compile as follows, hope can give more entrepreneurs to provide some inspiration.

BluLemons game studios

BluLemons with its strong “the characteristic” earn enough eyeballs, all mobile phone game product with characteristic humanities in the Philippines as the theme, let the user feel the Philippines culture further. For example: the most successful music game software OPM Jam, let the user name, according to the rhythm of speculation the Philippines pop songs including singer Ogie Alcasid, Gary Valenciano and others. For filipinos living abroad, the game is undoubtedly a ease homesickness.

Flip Trip travel assistant

when you want to go to swim in the Philippines, but I don’t know where to begin, whether you are like small pure and fresh and place for the young, still need to set a whole Trip before departure, do their strategy of virgo, Flip Trip can help you to easily solve all the problems of the journey, including traffic, accommodation to activities, attractions and fear. Users can arrange freely according to the schedule, budget, and be fond of travel routes.

MyChild parent-child applications

parents busy with work, no time to take care of the children? The but again want to focus on children learn at school? A mobile phone application to help you solve. MyChild let you “while making money, for the family”, can be used as a tool for communication between family members and school teachers, but also real-time view children in all kinds of school activities and tasks, working families.

Nyfti bicycle

this is a cycling enthusiasts dream of bicycle, it has a normal size of bicycle, it can fold three sections. Nyfti declared in the same bike with the smallest volume after folding, and can also like cart after folding, easy to carry and storage.

R – Tap

R – Tap developed an advanced pressure control tool, its outstanding characteristic is able to algorithm independently, can according to the real-time data of water pipe to make the pump constantly adjust the water pressure, help water works to achieve the best working state of the water pump, in order to reduce water loss and energy consumption.

SALt brine lamp

this is a new enterprise bring social transition. To the benefit of the Philippines no electricity access area, research and development of SALt brine lights don’t need electricity, but by SALt water to provide energy. This unique product to represent the Philippines in a SALt of young entrepreneurs association competitions to be held in South Korea as a sustainable and environmentally friendly products, it has received the attention of the world.


SmartFleet provide “software as a service” solutions, mainly to help transport company to solve two major problems: first, that the operating management automation; Second, the real-time monitoring fleet movements. In terms of monitoring, SmartFleet provide GPS positioning device, so shipping company can be all-weather track, record the path of the vessels.


Tactiles iQube is owned by a start-up company, it developed a set of electronic cube component, can tell children image of the process of thing happen. Current, for example, children can mix cube or after restructuring, get very different results of current transmission or lit the light, or sound trigger current zi zi. Electronic cube with dismantling convenient magnetic coupling, which can ensure that when current exchange firm connection and minimum resistance. Contributes greatly to the academic students will abstract concept into a real case, help children have a more accurate understanding of scientific knowledge.

Tambio draw tool

Tambio solutions to provide you with the integration of lottery. If you are a resident, can pass Tambio find nearby sweepstakes, release time and the winning Numbers and query the awards. If you are a banker, can through the Tambio award after coding, in the past may need three months of coding, can be greatly reduced.

WattSmart save electricity treasure

still worry about high electricity bills? WattSmart province will help you in the end! Through WattSmart can monitor power loss, not only is the total power consumption monitoring in a month, you can also find out the big power consumption “culprit”, according to each household appliances of the actual power consumption. WattSmart according to provide you with energy saving tips, such as: whether to repair replacement socket, which is the most inefficient, etc., an electrical allows you to save the province, fondle admiringly again!

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