The personal trainer “wear” in the body, Moov is very popular

by former apple engineer and HALO game designer Nikola Hu, Microsoft research veteran Meng Li (current Moov CEO) and Tony Yuan founded fitness tracker Moov, recently in A round led by ficus altissima capital financing received $3 million in investment. Moov raise page through it on the website of the earlier received $1 million in investment.

Moov new fitness tracker based on hardware a appearance caused wide attention, the team was completed in 90 minutes after $40000 of financing goal and continues to surge.

Moov don’t just like other fitness tracker to step into the track, but the hardware (6 d sensor) and software (no camera can pinpoint the body moving algorithm), which means that it is not only useful for the wearer of a running or walking, can also help to participate in the boxing, cycling, weightlifting, swimming and other sports.

Moov hardware including a circular ShouBiaoShi waterproof device, depending on the type of sport you are choosing to wear on the wrist or ankle in order to get the best effect.

and, more importantly, Moov system includes not only the data tracking, can also according to your mobile with real-time guidance and feedback, to help users better exercise and avoid injury. That is to say, this is the attempt by Moov will respond to your mobile phone and application, in the process of exercise encourages you to service, as in the equipment in a real fitness coach.

company is trying to develop a set of specially designed for applications by tracking the movement of the design, including running and walking, aerobics, swimming, cycling, etc., the first two are in the iTunes app store online, the other is still in development. By the end of the year, the application of the Moov is now twice as much.

Moov CEO Meng Li won’t say so far the product sales, but confirmed that the company two weeks before the raise of gain of $1 million from pre-sales (each product sells for $50, that is to say a few weeks before 20000 products sold). Moov last week began selling on the website, the price is $79.95, is still in scheduled, products include a tracker, 2 belt and a charger. In order to better analysis, such as boxing movement may need to order two products.

Li said, with the investment, they are to grow this team of 11 people, the rest of the investment will be used to increase the movement type Moov equipment support, reduce manufacturing time and the development of a software development kit so that other developers can make and Moov compatible application.


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