The pattern of investment: again big pancake is big but flipping it pan

? Hunting cloud network (note: this is a chi shing capital Deng Haitao? Written articles, this article concludes that the investors “soft power” only by constantly improve themselves, do not follow suit, develop their ability of independent judgment, to expand its pattern, and hold world with virtue, have a chance to become investment in Montana.

the author: chi shing capital Deng Haitao?

1, the pattern of the story:
Today had the pleasure of eating with a financial guru, by listening to him share some tips for so many years investment. Home after carefully, finally it is concluded that the two word “pattern”. Then away, optional wrote these words, hope to inspire everybody accepts. ?

the first thing I want to tell everyone about three small story:?

there is a family woman, one day she bought a dress, turn head to show off with a neighbour habitually, only to find the same clothes less than her neighbors spent 20 yuan of money, so she still for a few days. This pattern is worth twenty yuan. ?

there was a beggar, begging in the streets all day, people dressed to kill on the road without feeling, but envy, begging for more successful than they are, the man was a beggar. ?

three workers build by laying bricks or stones wall on site asked they doing? The first man didn’t good the spirit said: build by laying bricks or stones wall, didn’t you see? The second man smiled: we are building a tall building. The third man smiled: we are building a new city. Ten years later, the first one is still in the build by laying bricks or stones wall, the second one became a engineer, and a third person, is a former boss.
I don’t know you seen after what inspired, I believe everyone knows that a person’s pattern decide his future how much development space, and even directly affect the success or failure. There is a proverb: again big pancake is big but flipping it pan. The philosophy of this sentence is: you can flipping out pie, but you’re flipping out bread again big, it also must be restricted by flipping it the POTS. The future we want like this piece of pie, whether can flipping out satisfactory “pie”, all depends on the flipping its mouth “pot” – this is the “landscape” nutrient-laden. ?
Comprehension: 2, investment?

about investing in “landscape”, I have to mention two people. It is Mr Soros, buffett. Believe that familiar with their friends must know their investment styles and strategies. Soros likes to false, really to do, the single-handedly beat the bank of England, and southeast Asian countries into a pit of fire financial madman “pattern” on investment how advanced it is, at not ordinary people can be compared.

Mr Buffett, everyone knows that he has been adhering to the “value investing”, at the time of the investment byd, find value in ahead of time, in the high withdrawal, well packaged. Buffett share experience “slump comes into play, forget time, then there is money into his pocket.” If you forget the time, that you won’t care about fluctuations, word. Because you already didn’t a yarn with price fluctuations. The key is to determine the value of reverse investment, conveniently investment is the key to the determination of the bubble.

so, the pattern of the you decide your altitude. As the saying goes: “if you’re afraid of injury, you do not deserve love.” In the investment industry, blindly follow suit, if you are pit, is deserved it. Must know what you’re doing, and ready to bear the mistake, this is the pattern. ?

additional investment in the thing itself is a vision and experience, never hang in a tree, dare to take risks and fail, failed to experience again. To grasp the trend and the value of investment, would rather die on the trend of investment projects is better than died in all kinds of mediocre project. ?

about perceptions of judgment, and project investment trends, never a single common sense, combining case analysis must be combined with market. Investment don’t follow others ass behind, those not understand themselves, but be shanghaied incited the investment enthusiasm of worthless. Don’t be too care about others opinion, must learn to think for themselves. Everything will have a big pattern to focus, instead of divergent thinking to extend.
Investment decisions must be rational and decisive. In judgment and decision-making process must be repeated questioning yourself, with any emotion, mood is stable, whether or not the objective. A man of their own mood unstable, no living space in volatile investment market. Not because of the rich, heart to calm down. But because of who I am anxious heart, that is, desire to quiet down, before they make a lot of money. A blundering is doomed not to make a lot of people, let oneself blundering silence, this is the first class pattern of investment required. ?

the next step is to do subtraction, thinking to do subtraction, investment to do subtraction, life is to do subtraction. We in the investment process will often meet all kinds of projects, all kinds of people. How fast do subtraction, the limited funds and effort on the most valuable investment. Goes the cloud: “give to you, learn to give up, is the master. Life itself is a have grown to accumulate, and then to the process of constant spell abandon, finally left the soul and spirit. Don’t complicate. “Less is more”, we slowly to understand. ?

investment is about consciousness, in the ever-changing market, how to quickly consciousness, hand or hands, very test a person’s ability. Said investment game on mobile devices, for example the outbreak of demographic dividend growth today, if you are blindly immersed in end move pages and investment, it is not enough consciousness. In today’s intelligent hardware, O2O, Internet financial fresh concepts streets and so on, if you don’t have the layout, it’s not enough consciousness. Some new technologies and business models will bring greater market and investment opportunities to change, change caused by energy, layout in advance, consciousness ahead of time. ?

about investing in insist, investment in the cases in the past you may have heard, in 2011, zhang lei, hillhouse capital investment jingdong, liu zhang to $70 million, zhang lei finally gave him $150 million.” He decided that jingdong business model of “business” itself is need money, don’t burn $2 billion can’t form core competitiveness. And hillhouse capital of style is “little time much quantity”, heavily threw a handful of companies that rely on long-term gains profit. He said: “the jingdong other investors nature with us, won’t because today capital market volatility, the media tomorrow bad-mouthing you very nervous. I can tell you that all are in top investors investing, we really believe that this thing in a changing China.”

he said, “I have a friend asked what is the most regret amazon founder bezos, he is the most regret is amazon form when UPS has been great, he has no chance to integrate the supply chain. Jingdong not UPS, a complete set of all must depend on oneself to do, we are willing to pay to help them do it.”

try to ask, how many investors have such pattern and adhere to? How many people do with doing investment began to do addition, cast more more, more for more wide, the more shots. To do simple things repeatedly, you are the expert; Repeat things attentively to do, you will be the winner. ?

here to share with you the point of view, a lot of investors in the process of working, and for the competitors and the industry’s giants always with all sorts of respect and fear. Feeling experience and the strength is better than the somebody else, so naturally put myself down, wait, on many projects for active exit. Actually otherwise, the mentality is very important. Everyone is no essential difference between, the size of the fund size, brand recognition, personal recognition, and so on that are part of the additional, powerful is the real strong heart. Like Yahoo, everyone thought is the search giant portal giant, also be reversed.

ma often said, tencent is a giant, the giant fell, temperature is still warm. Successful investment mentality is usually not win in the beginning, but win at the critical turning point, grasp the key point is enough to bend overtaking or even fame. ?

investment can not anger, but dare to trial and error, why not wrong, who hasn’t made a mistake? Failure case all of them can’t afford to, is not equipped with good success. Investment with the life is the same, big up close. You never know what will happen the next moment, also don’t understand why have you treated your fate. Only after you experience a variety of changes in life, you will only clears the original buckish, see the world with a humble attitude. ?

learn to endure, the so-called “endure” is actually a very profound knowledge. Like king goujian thrashing about in investment. Don’t be fooled by too much wind and other people’s good. No one forced you to cast a year many, how much money invested, don’t invest in order to take the money out. If you are in the 365 – day betting, end must be miserable. Don’t for project quality fluctuations affect your opinion of trend. I have experience, adjust the direction of getting a new lease a project close to the liquidation, B round now. In a good project, learn to endure, don’t try so hard to leave. As if we sow the seeds, very not easy to have a few big trees, you cut it, just get wood. ?

learn to see the essence. There are a lot of things look very beautiful, in fact, under the rotten. Investment also is same, only the superficial things good grab people’s senses, and noble things, often in the beginning is not attractive. So what most people agree that often value is small, and the value of great things often can only by very few people understand. This is the law of conservation of momentum in the field of human cognition. So, need not too care about others’ opinion, waste of eyeball. God also have to die at low tide, no one to talk about moral theory of right and wrong with you! ?

static to heart, frugal with virtue! A pattern of people, not because of their defects and inferiority. Not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses, keep a tolerant heart to accept new things, new challenges to accept. You should progress, rather than low level repeated. ?

the last and most crucial point, a person in the society must be pregnant with a grateful heart, remember you growing up all the people who directly or indirectly helped you. Pattern of a person’s size is not the others can create much value to you, but how much you can give to others to create value. ?
3, conclusion:?

more than write a no sequence of essays, hope everybody can aware, in investment it can improve their own “soft power”, let oneself become stronger. The so-called “hold world with virtue”, in addition to khalid, also want to expand their pattern, pattern, nature can carry more “things”. With bosses talk after I have profound reflection and determined to become a landscape view, perhaps many years also can have the honor to become his Montana. I believe if I can, you can also. Is a dream to some, one thousand achieved? ?

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