The outbreak of the “depth” e-sports industry, from the DOTA2 TI4 to start

the DOTA2 TI4 contest held in Seattle in August came to a close, the New York times, the report will surely make the e-sports industry participants stand. And the Chinese team win Newbee TI4 message is triggered to domestic reports.

and a couple of years ago, when the e-sports is divided into sports project, many people do not understand also don’t agree. E-sports, now, is not only the entire gaming industry public opinion compared to a few years ago a lot better, the idea of the whole society for game also has changed a lot, no longer alone to think the game will be destroyed the growth of teenagers.

Dota 2 and other fashionable whole world of video games, let many players on the nest at home playing computer games arena, through the keyboard and the mouse to click to fight each other. Valve software company in July last year held a esports in basketball stadium, more than 11000 people poured into the stadium. Two team is made up of five people cross oceans, every attack and counterattack can cause outbreaks of cheers. Contestants to $11 million a head to kill their prize, bonuses set of e-sports game record. Predecessor company also promote the game to the special sport development.


according to data shows, the game industry’s global revenue has exceeded the music industry $20 billion, and followed up the film industry. A ferocious overturned the momentum of the entertainment circle, also shows its want to dominate the lucrative video games (i.e., e-sports) the ambitions of the world.

all sorts of signs of success reflects the achievements of big events. Tickets for the games tend to be a sale and empty, even attract more viewers than traditional sport, athletics stadium full of enthusiasm of the crowd. Advertising big geek, such as Coca-Cola and American express, are scrambling to sponsor events. Bonuses have surged to millions of dollars, and top players can earn LiuQiWei digital revenue, there are a large group of fanatical followers. This matchless beauty temptation with the next generation of young players make in the playground.

people’s concern and attention to e-sports increase gradually. Last year, the immigration department admitted for the first time a professional video game players can apply for a work visa as traditional sports athletes. This autumn, Robert morris university in Chicago for the electronic athletic players set up more than $500000 in sports scholarship, the universities in the United States but with the precedent. Ivy league university also hosted the intercollegiate games. Last week, the online giant amazon announced a $970 million deal to buy the game live streaming site Twitch.

“the development of e-sports is beyond control, we who all don’t know where is the limit.” IEM official ESL product manager James Lampkin said. In march this year the IEM Katowice station, only four days of competition attracted more than 73000 electronic competitive players to participate in.

although the games have been around for decades, but if in a few years ago, in July the race may not be accepted, even invite ridicule. With the popularity of broadband Internet access and free games, games in the world are multiplied, the size and frequency of the early took the stronghold of South Korea.

the DOTA2 TI4 pitch of the game, a lot of cheering fans are put on the dress of the characters in the game, waving flags to support their favorite team. Narrator passion about details. The winner crowned, confetti scatters in the noisy crowd.

in 2013, more than 70 million viewers watched e-sports games via the Internet and television. South Korea there is even a special broadcast e-sports television channels. “Hero alliance” S3 game in the NBA lakers at staples center, the peak of the finals at the same time, the number is 8.5 million, it has even and is famous for its high ratings Stanley cup final hockey career game decider. This year, the S4 finals games in Seoul, South Korea football field, which is expected to attract 40000 to 40000 the player’s hand.

as a surge of e-sports fan base and bonus, many independent game union emerged, such as ESL and Major economic Gaming (alliance) American sports games, held every year dozens of games. A glimpse of the game publishers in increasing your game after the enormous business opportunities, also began to host events.

, for example, Riot Games for the first game “hero alliance”, strive to become the world’s leading developers and publishers. In the past two years, another publisher, activision blizzard, in Los Angeles for the first person shooter game “call of duty” set up the first prize of $1 million.

“I believe that we have never been so clear e-sports will be like now such a bright future.” Activision blizzard President Robert a. Kotick said.


the root cause of e-sports was back in the 1990 s, some fighting and shooting games, such as street fighter and doom, began to organize some events. But then the e-sports not brilliant, only in a crowded held in a hotel ballroom, participants also only hundreds. Competition bonuses are predictably, participants even had placed often lost money for accommodation and travel.

“I is to win the $1000 for 800 yuan.” Former professional player, and now the e-sports commentator Marcus says Graham.

since the 2000 s, esports is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people gradually, especially South Korea, cheap, fast Internet connection will be provided as the focus of the priority to the development. South Korean nationals also on science strategy game with his interest in starcraft. But really captured the heart of the public, is a free game later, such as “hero alliance” released in 2009.

the craziest game players in the free game will cost huge buying virtual goods, such as a privilege or tools. But most players will not pay, so this game can gather a large number of followers. “Hero alliance” with 67 million monthly active players, it’s the combined population of California and Texas.

with now-thanks to participate in, the Internet has made the connection between the fans and players more closely than any other sport. Twitch, for example, it is a video game oriented real-time streaming video platform, users can not only see above the game action, can also learn from the other players strategy game, so the Twitch. In July that more than 55 million players within.

Twitch still can bring benefits for the players. Gamers can live video playing games, open mode of the Subscriber, if other users want to watch the related video, is about to pay $5 a month to Twitch subscription fees, the proceeds are mostly owned by podcasting master, a small fraction of all Twitch. In addition, the video game released in the personal part of involved in advertising revenue is also belong to the Lord all.

“we are the main work is to live to play on the Internet.” Seth, 19, “the call of duty” pro gamers Abner said. He live in the operation of the MLG service platform games of their own.

because the website such as professional players often Twitch in training, so fans can secretly watch favorite players play scrimmage. Some generous players even invited fans to and they play a game.

“imagine if at the scene of the each field practice and the NBA game, lebron James and Michael Jordan’s chest can deserve to GoPro camera, to real-time shooting game. At the same time, through earbuds, they heard the audience’s question to answer, and occasionally the live games for level can be said to be unprecedented.” The former professional player, now Raptr new chairman Dennis Fong said.

bonuses added stimulation of e-sports game more. July’s DOTA2 TI4 game in Seattle Key stadium, the venue can accommodate 15000 spectators.

in the hall in front of the stage, two team members each have five, sitting in the compartment in the greenhouse. Compartment of the sound insulation effect is very good, in order to prevent competitors from the narrator’s discourse heard in the enemy’s operational details. The players in the mobile space is very small, only the click of a mouse sitting position. Two-story big screen clearly show the state of play. Whenever a team to complete the three killed, or an ambush, or perfect match, the audience the audience couldn’t help screaming, cheering.

although compartment adopts excellent sound insulation materials, but not able to withstand the roar from the crowd erupted. “You can still hear chanting in the United States.” EG team captain Peter Dager said. Group after the winner of the match, the giants EG brave performance, with the score 2-0 victory Chinese clan DK, given more than $100 in prize money. “For a 22 year old children have not seen much of the world, it’s like a dream is not true!”

player: from amateur to professional to startup

when competition is not performed under the much-anticipated game, Dager in fort Wayne, he work in the bedroom.

he was lying on the table in the corner of the trading tools: a computer equipped with two monitors, a webcam and a keyboard and a mouse. Dager wore glasses and tall, thin, looks like the football team in high school when open players before. He is wearing a shirt hanging on the wall posters. 22, he is very confident, good at analysis, age belongs to the middle level in the team.

one day not long ago, as usual, Dager afternoon from began to work. He joined from northern California, vancouver and Sweden game team, preparing for the next 4 hours in the strengthening technology of Dota 2. He said: “in the middle of the night, I dreamed of Dota, sometimes, I dreamed that I became a Dota hero.”

Dota is Defense of the Ancients. In a square piece of the map to rival against two teams, usually 5 v5. The game purpose is to protect their own ancient ruins (nearly WeiFang tree of life, the scourge of the frozen throne), at the same time destroy the other ancient relics. Selection of more than 100 heroes, the skills of each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. In order to win the game, the player to team to avoid each other’s defensive towers attack, kill the batman and the other heroes.

Dager by connecting the microphone on the computer, calm steady communication with teammates, also from time to time that some of the layman don’t understand the game. EG team won the victory in the first two games infighting, but in the third game, one of the players seem to be in the clouds, and to take advantage of them. Dager lost patience.

“so that I can’t play Dota.” He said to the players, “what are you doing now no meaning. Be sure to follow the teammate.”

usually, every time after you finish the exercise, Dager will upload video game to Twitch, sometimes attracts more than 9000 viewers. Recently he spend less time on Twitch, because going to China to participate in a game, he needs to have a good rest.

in Dager eye, e-sports athletes body become a barrier is much smaller than traditional when athletes. E-sports games compete, he argues, is cooperation and intelligence, fingers and the brain is the main tool. Most people lack, is the constant attention of the game, and eliminate all interference in the determination.

however, Dager of video game addiction is a pain in the heart of his parents. “I, and many of the players, almost sacrificed everything to the game.” Dager said that he should have to college senior, but for the sake of the game is still didn’t go to school. “We gave up the entertainment, friends and school, in order to have more time to play games.”

Dager last year income is very low, less than $twenty thousand. But he estimated revenues will exceed $200000 this year. He recently met an apartment of fort Wayne. His father said he is very proud of his son’s success, but also very worrying about his son’s career for a long time. For young people, playing video games can also be the fact that money does not false, but at some point, you will find that the finish is necessary.

twists and turns in the development

for those involved in video game industry companies, they hope to attract more large audience major marketer of sponsorship investment, enhance competition the collateral value of the brand.

the facts as they wish. Wireless carrier t-mobile Dager in Seattle event sponsors for the team. Coca-Cola’s live broadcast the hero league matches held in Europe in the theatre. South Korea’s game characters are printed on the bottle packaging design.

“today’s game is not our childhood that platform.” Game industry veteran Matt says Mr Wolf. 45, he brought up a coke in the game world now. “It became the main various forms of consumption of mass media platform.”

marketers decision depends on the audience: esports most of the audience at the age of 18 to 35 years old, and have a certain economic strength, it is the most potential and difficult to traditional media to attract consumer groups. Large video games and online streaming media sites let companies found this type of audience.

the game company’s idea is to use external marketing money to offer a virtuous cycle, more marketing dollars can lead to higher product value, the theory will be aroused people’s interest in the game.

“now, because the game is to provide uninterrupted service, as long as the player to spend money they can continue to play, thus game companies to set up the greater incentive system, continue to attract and reward people.” Newzoo analysis company chairman Peter Warman said.

at the same time, the game industry need to overcome for a long time the public prejudice against e-sports. Especially e-sports skills involved in the view is more superior than traditional forms of movement. When the cable sports channel broadcast ESPN2 Dota 2 related events, Twitter was swallowed up by the e-sports of derogatory comments.

Lampkin ESL, said he was not worried about the public’s attitude. nullnullnullnullnull

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