The only reason is that choose WP you itself is a Microsoft service heavy users

since going public in 2010, has experienced a long journey of Windows Phone. I am one of the first batch of users of Windows Phone 7 platform wave, but because of these two years for the “bright future” it is too disappointed, so I finally choose to leave it.

recently, I was lucky enough to get a chance to use Microsoft’s latest flagship version of mobile phones, the company in 930. It was also because of this, it makes me see from the original version to the Windows Phone now development and transformation, and the product is compared to other platforms, Microsoft features left a deep impression on me.

Windows Phone 8.1 has incredibly beautiful; Maybe it is the most attractive part, is it out of the Android and iOS. It has a lot of you for the modern smartphone the desired function. Although Microsoft has done my best, it is still there is an important application of the ecological gap.

in the past few weeks, I have been to use the company phone, during this period I found although the application of the newest coolest does not exist, but that’s not much of a problem. In comparison, it is a bigger problem is that if you want to effectively use Windows Phone, you have to want to make a commitment to Microsoft’s own service.

but it is not realistic. The benefits of using an iPhone or Android device is for you to choose, and you can choose what you want to use the application.

the company 930

if you want to backup photos, you can select the service you are using, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Flickr, up to and so on. But if you use a mobile Phone is Windows Phone, then it is not so simple. You can use the software only OneDrive – this is very terrible, but this condition is true.

on Windows Phone almost every application in repeating the same interpretation of the story. You want to use Google video chat with your friends? Ok, this is impossible, you just try to adapt to the Skype. Do you want to use Google Doc? No, you can only choose to use Microsoft Office. Do you want to backup to Dropbox? It’s good to be true!

these shifts are not me, or many other potential voluntary want to change their mobile phone. When you choose to buy a Windows Phone, you are not just bought a new cell Phone, more important is you must promise to use Microsoft’s software (application) of the whole system. Sometimes it also can appear some of the other options, but they are usually not as convenient as Microsoft’s solution.

sometimes, some third party applications will provide the corresponding services. Snapchat, for example, although there is no official version of the application, but there is a third party to the client. This is a good thing, but it is impossible to give your user name and password soon leaked to like Snapchat disappearance.

if you are in addition to the Microsoft system, also the use of any other system, you will have a very tough time. As the owner of the Mac and PC, I didn’t use your Microsoft Office tools, because I don’t see its usefulness. In Google Drive, I have a big cloud office procedures. But if Windows Phone, you have to be forced to use Microsoft’s software. Although, it is not a too bad things, but this is definitely not most consumers willing to do choices. On the contrary, it may be a people to buy one of the biggest obstacle to Windows Phone.

in a survey, I Follow my twitter as investigation object, when I asked about what they think they are still lack of applications, Windows Phone users almost every time told me that they need to be better, more diverse music, cloud storage, and bank account management, and other applications. Some in the Microsoft world has entrenched used to switch to Windows Phone may be easier, but for those who don’t use the blog, OneDrive and Xbox users of Music, want to switch to Microsoft’s service will be very difficult.

because iOS8 has been released, and the Android L have come to the fore, so there is little reason to buy a Microsoft’s Windows Phone, unless you are a severe Microsoft users. Every day for the users to use Microsoft products, Microsoft has equipment understandable and user satisfaction has done a lot of work, but this type of users has become less and less.

when we’re in such a world — the average user will install on your mobile Phone has more than 90 applications, and the system has become a strong selling point, is what I’m worried about Windows Phone will become the most products receive little attention by people, because it is not selective. You could have all of the cloud storage service, but if you only use Microsoft, this will be a big problem.


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