The online only seven months of IT education website left $22 million

cloud network hunting note: at the beginning of 2014, geek college online, this year on September 22, geek institute announced successful completion of the $22 million B round, investors for SIG susquehanna Asia () and blue ventures. A new IT vocational education online project why can won the international top fund in such a short time.

the author: Hu Xiangbao

recently, a company called “geek institute” of the IT professional online education platform has become the focus of field of online education, online education because the website was born seven months let bosses to pay a $22 million pay for its entrepreneurial cake.

at the beginning of 2014, geek college online, this year on September 22, geek institute announced successful completion of the $22 million B round, investors for SIG susquehanna Asia () and blue ventures. A new IT vocational education online project why can won the international top fund in such A short time, and this is A round with the blue ventures in the process of financing, investment also ranks high in the industry of online education.

contrast online education industry, last week, gong haiyan, founder of the jiayuan (weibo) second startup ladder between layoffs, that good net off, just because of capital chain rupture. Investment environment and same time node, institute of geek out of a “small but beautiful” vertical online education new road, worthy of research and attention.

go the way of payment: target has become China’s Lynda

geek college major technical course for professional developers of online education, the course covers the Android, iOS, HTML 5, Cocos2d – X, JAVA, and so on more than 300. IT is domestic IT vocational education online pay mode of the first to eat crab, revenue mainly comes from membership fee (30 yuan/month, 260 yuan/year, etc.).

for mobile developers can learn useful technology, simple and efficient online than offline training, often online is more efficient, more professional and line. Because direct hit mobile developers practical pain points, half a year time, geek college have captured the accuracy of nearly 120000 subscribers.

reality, after including YY, netease, and many other Internet giants into online education mainly take the free Internet game thinking and traditional charging mode.

geek college JinYan founder ceos think: “vertical IT vocational education online threshold is higher, professional degree is higher, the precision is higher, the greater the charge value. Different professional developers and ordinary users demand, online is the most effective way to learn, and it is practical to apply the skills, and enhance personal value is tied, as long as the quality content, has a large number of users pay.”

in fact, the education pay probability is much higher than that of other products, but the premise is true meet user requirements.

“online education is a slow hot industry, force out of a hole, from narrow the IT profession online education just can fight a new road.” JinYan tell tencent technology geek college, eventually is to make China Lynda, user fewer but better, but the value is large, and the future demand of choose and employ persons can also be docking enterprise, can imagine space is huge.

it is known that Lynda is A vertical online learning service provider in the United States, founded the 17 years, nearly 1 million users, have only raised $103 million in A round of funding, and A geek college tightly took six months to 120000 users. Lynda income also mode similar to membership fees and geek college, has been profitable for 15 years in a row. Foreign successful precedent, is to the success of geek college financing has made the book back. By contrast, geek college faster.

unseen forces: “+ education online” dual fusion gene

in fact, the institute of geek can rapid continuous access to capital, also is the accumulation of its founding team and its predecessor are inseparable.

geek college, the predecessor is the biggest and earliest domestic mobile developer community – eoe mobile developer community, after ten years of accumulation, the community of more than 2 million registered developers, strong stickiness.

CEO JinYan geek college, has been the IT vocational education practitioners, IT is China’s first Android development teaching material “introduction to Google Android development and actual combat”, the author of established China’s largest mobile developer community, oneself also made China’s earliest Android offline training. Just before the accumulation of the traditional education and online two areas rich in experience, and explore the 10 years because in vocational education community, through a lot of mine, for a set of effective way.

in 2014, JinYan certain time to lead the team to the IT professional online education, an established geek college and right place, right time.

too early, the user habit is not mature, it’s too late and don’t have soup to drink. Before the community is the best mode, because at that time, hardware, bandwidth, payment, technical support, in 2014, including the habits of people, the wave of the mobile Internet to stimulate the it professional learning, all kinds of auxiliary conditions mature, the industry on the eve of the outbreak, at this point, the whole geek college, this is the day.

geek the needs of the user data extracted from the community, school of rapid user practical demand in the production of the online course and is in the rapid iterative course + community model. Currently, brought together more than 300 IT geek college vocational and technical courses, contains almost the hottest technology courses starting in China in the first half of the year.

dili is geek college choose vertical IT profession online education as a cut. The IT professional education will be a more than billions of big market, especially for mobile developers, this part of the population is active learning, pay will is very strong, is a faithful fan of school education of users, can be directly to determine your own purse.

this and K12 (basic education stage), and other online education, K12 is paying parents, users are students, is a passive learning, using the will is not strong. Especially for primary and secondary schools, users are students, decision-making assessment involving parents, teachers, how to combine the three links through efficient together is very complex. Institute of these ills, geek aren’t there.

in addition, the IT vocational and technical education is an easily standardized products, a natural fit for online mode. Geek institute brings together the big Internet companies such as baidu, ali IT learners, high-end learners word of mouth to let its users grow rapidly, and reduce the promotion cost.

and is invisible to the most key factors. Education is a very complex thing, online education needs both hold the traditional education, and need to be familiar with and embrace the Internet, mobile Internet. Specific to online education of two levels: “online” and “education”, most practitioners did not truly effective fusion.

JinYan said: “the whole field of vocational education, the traditional institutions or self reconstruction, or reconstruct by others. After the success to get the capital, geek college will speed up the process of the reconstruction. Geek college’s goal is clear, we have to do is China’s Lynda, help China’s IT industry get promotions on vocational skills, traditional education and other institutions of education didn’t do IT, my team and I can do IT.”

all in all, the domestic online education now is in the spring tide of the noise image, some concrete operating model is worth us to calm thinking. Geek college while in the capital market, however, have been successful, but to really rise in the market, depends on the follow-up operations, and see how its subsequent power.

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