The next product home public class: e generation driving UI design director about design and user experience

a product manager for hunting cloud network host public class “the next product home” official classes! First we invite director Liu Tianran in the e generation drive, chat about design and user experience.

it is well known that driving is a famous e generation high vertical application products, is driving friends will choose applications. In product design and user experience, e generation drive what special features? We are looking forward to Liu Tianran wonderful sharing.

this guests: e generation driving UI design director Liu Tianran

this topic: how to design and user experience

time: October 19th (oh) next Sunday

location: Beijing dongcheng district galactic SOHO chaoyang gate street building room 50618, sino-us entrepreneurship center south 6 layer dajie (subway station G)

Sino-us enterprise innovation platform strategy cooperation: house business development research center


friendship activities Idlers connected actor IT ear wire drawing activities Internet salon hui, miller,

limit number: 50 people (completely free)
Participants communication group of QQ 90844125 (please indicate the hunting cloud network add 1, begin the next product)

activity agenda:

13:30-14 point sign in

14 points – 15 speaker

15-16 point audience questions, answer guest

16-17 PM free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system, the participants in the form below, please fill out the registration information, thank you, lovely!

about the courses of the next product,

this topic around the Internet products, hunting cloud network will regularly invite famous products of fencing hand to share cooking “delicious”, as hunters cloud network entrepreneurship courses, to share the dry, to their peers, and aspires to engage in the professional new product manager with valuable experience.

is what to do?

demand! Demand! Demand! Many readers, entrepreneurs in and hunting cloud network communication, have put forward want to listen to the opinions of the dry products, suggested that hunting cloud network pay close attention to this requirement. Then the editors, the survey found at present industry sector is not such a regular, ongoing public welfare activities. Demand is command (need to stand up hunting cloud network, seems to contribute to the industry at again, cute) but done activities and friends all know, luck camp activities tired and tedious, but we still bullet decided to do! And operating strategy will insist like hot hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, free, good!

product manager teacher recruitment:

in addition to the directional we invite outside, also welcome to contact us with product manager for communication will teacher, hunting cloud network has formed a product manager WeChat communication group, the product manager (not a product manager do not add) please add WeChat ID: jinjilei audit into the group.

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