The new neighbors introduced “super ability” to do comprehensive life entertainment platform based on real-time voice

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“close to the original version is only one button, and let the user to click on the bold, randomly appear willing to chat with them. Shy no personality play not distance! Liu Jinlong when hunting cloud network interview said. Our position is personality. Near currently has 30 million users, average age from 16 to 23 years old. In the same social product users, we are young.

, when it enters the next team office hunting cloud network editor clearly remember a pile in front of the instrument, the interview team personality also have the photo of fan in the office. Next is a sound social applications, the user through the next “random call” function, can realize the voice communication with strangers.

to near labeled as a “electric love artifact”, Liu Jinlong explanation, the hard to avoid social product is not being a label, but we communicate more advocate that we were strangers. We haven’t introduced LBS in the product function, is to avoid others to our custom. Social is purely social, don’t introduced to offline, reasonable freely, no burden is what we want.

review the product process of distance, formerly near team did the first group in south China, 2011’s acquisition team arrived in Beijing, the early stage of the product involved in light q&a community, after the transformation into a stranger nearby social social products, with a micro movie let registered users reached 1 million. In June this year announced A $15 million round of financing, the users reached 20 million. This year’s goal is to 50 million users.

the first bordering the team has been the success of the micro film feel micro movies is a good way of promotion. Combined with the team members also like the film. “What is love, distance also launched a series of movies, the Internet contains campus drama” youth “on schedule” to love “, etc., are “what is love 2” the comedy. But the team found that: the spread of micro movie markets, administration of radio, film and television review let its “half water half flame” promotion strategy. From the aspects of the movie brings users incremental slowdown. How to make more than 3000 users to play in the next more hi, teams are introduced in the new “super ability”.

abilities is what concept, interest in description for the label, but this interest tag is show the user what not what users need. Different labels have at present: “wake up call” “coax you sleep” “professional is 20 years” “sing for you” “a joke”, etc. Each user can be used for a maximum of three labels. Nearby Liu Jinlong said that in the past, users never know who is a phone on, the introduction of interest after the tag can be in a wide range of relative have different “community service”, users can choose according to the big label interested in certain kinds of people, but always one-to-one communication in the relationship. Benefit is: with interest in the label, user telephone communication doesn’t begin to have no topic to chat.

near future to do comprehensive life entertainment platform based on real-time voice. Liu Jinlong tell hunting cloud network, the phone is social trends, young people need fast enough communication network and distance is a pioneer, but still have a lot to do.

2 g network users currently use distance call is not smooth, but we haven’t made the adapter. The arrival of the popularization of 3 g and 4 g, we believe that the phone is social in the future, have to look toward the future product development, also had to do in the future. Small and beautiful, and we never do Liu Jinlong said at the same time, the social product + games really is realized good way, but they do not consider profit model, temporarily at this stage or do things to service users.

Company: Beijing next online information technology co., LTD.

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