The “new” apple, was about to leather out these people’s lives

apple knew from the start it is not born a industry leader. Although apple to create great personal computers, but had to admit that at least in the past few decades it is once lost to Microsoft.

since then, apple’s efforts in various products on the market fight our way out, even has the field of leader will not be afraid, bold steps in and trying to replace it, then there is the make-or-break. Do you still remember the iPod before was popular Creative Lab or Diamond Multimedia? Before the iPhone or Nokia, RIM and Palm?

Apple shortly before the conference to introduce you to the two bigger iPhone 6, Apple smart Watch Watch and Pay Apple mobile payment system. As always, apple has challenged the traditional field, let a group of companies produce a sense of crisis. Here we might as well together and see what are the company will be in a series of new products under the storm threatened apple:

samsung, Google

samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone maker told apple is diamond cut diamond. But samsung has been able to slightly more reason is largely apple’s lack of big screen design or similar to the size of the tablet phone. The iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus has solved the problem.

this time the design not only to the declining eyesight middle-aged journalists has great appeal, enterprise customers are happy to use. CEO of Box, Aaron Levie says: the screen is bigger, the enterprise is more likely to use.

samsung over the years has been working hard to make it Andoird phone is popular among the enterprise users, to open the market by the user. Now it seems the more I see “road”.

when it comes to Android, Google is the potential victims. Because investors did not cast money to its Google Wallet payment scheme, the work for failing to end on a large scale promotion. If Apple Pay successfully implemented, Google’s customer data resources will be limited. Google Glass day also soon, because the equipment for apple seems to be more can let the common people to accept.

samsung did not respond in the first place. Google spokesman Christopher Katsaros, declined to comment.

Jawbone, Fitbit, Pebble

Apple Watch next year, means that some wearable device life difficult for the company. Cowen & amp; Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri predict Apple will sell 15 million to 20 million in the first year only Apple Watch. And the first half of 2014, the world only sold 6.3 million only can wear class electronic products.

this will also give Fitbit, Pebble, and some new item breakthrough start-up pressure. Jawbone has issued a statement saying its activity monitoring software will be applied to multiple devices, including Apple Watch. Obviously, when apple’s rivals, its strategy is to moderate hold thigh.

Fitbit has a 69% market share in the United States, but it has also admitted that competitors will be more and more, stronger and stronger. Fitbit’s CEO, says that, in addition to Apple shown in fashion, Watch local tyrants tall in the crowd, other customers market is also great. He also said that the Fitbit software will be applied to 120 devices, apple listed there will, of course.

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky said their company has spent six and a half years of time to study the wearable devices, still has great progress in this field and the creation of space. He said apple into wearable device is very effective to fill the market vacancy. We know that smart watches and wearable devices are the future of electronic products, is worth our effort.

for larger rivals, samsung and lenovo, the two have not been idle, have effort and money to study smart watches. Lenovo recently from the Google bought by at MOTOROLA. Moto 360 made analysts most high praise, we are looking forward to lenovo can continue the good beginning.

Paypal, Square

imagine tens of thousands of fans all use their iPhone or apple’s payment system to pay, pay for software systems such as Paypal, Square way? Businesses are no longer willing to use other. Ultimately, who is willing to give up apple’s powerful user base and resources, and offend such a technology giant? Apple Pay has been bringing in a group of Allies in the side, including Visa, Mastercard, America Express, citigroup, Wells Fargo, Target, such as Subway and McDonald’s.

merchants prefer apple and one reason is that every time from Banks, rather than from a merchant’s profit inside buckle. While the Square, otherwise, its approach is to charge fees to the businessman when each time.

Square said they were working on making compatible with Apple Pay of mobile payment applications. Paypal, head of global starting Anuj Nayar is not clear whether will cooperate with Apple Pay. He said in an E-mail and other Apple Pay really came out, and its cooperation can not impossible.

the apple’s timing seems to be very good. According to market research firm Emarketer found that American mobile payment of the total amount is $2013 in 1.6 billion, but is expected to reach $118 billion in 2018. To complete so many transaction, it can be to quite a number of mobile phone? ,


we are unpredictable, and apple’s influence on Softcard. Softcard formerly Isis Wallet, because with a group of fanatical Muslim extremist groups, with the same later renamed Softcard.

Softcard CEO Michael Abbott blog statement is called the other day, I was working with Apple Apple Pay “actively looking for solutions. Let’s wait and see.


many retailers support mobile payment so you can collect more customer information, also can pay close attention to the customer what to buy, when to buy, to make a more attractive for the customer market. The question is, if use Pay Apple, the owners of the data is Apple rather than them.

payment adviser Richard Crone said, “this means that some of the long-term cooperation with apple partners will not be able to free access to customer data such as consumption habits. “The basic rule of the fast food industry is 10% customers create 30% profits, but McDonald’s does not know who belong to that 10%. Today is worse, they can never know.”

there are starbucks is very worth mentioning. Starbucks has always recommend users to use their own App, can use both iOS and Android system. The latest data show that they have 15% of its sales are derived from these applications. Now new question arises: run can install will pour millions of dollars investment needed to Pay Apple NFC device?

Crone said, if not join Pay Apple, starbucks will face losing some use Apple Pay Pay of the customer’s risk. But even so, it seems that also shouldn’t risk getting apple become their customer information holders.

Crone said: if apple really makes businesses brave step this way, “eat crabs” the businessman, it will no doubt cause a monopoly. Have so many customer data, apple can bold charges. I don’t believe that apple will take free strategy, their business and charitable points is very clear.

starbucks spokeswoman Linda said Mills, customers can through the Apple Pay prepaid phone card, the company will soon order phone support, so that people can work online orders without waiting in line. But whether or not to invest NFC devices allow customers fully over starbucks to pay their App, this is still questionable.

“we want to find a method most suitable for our customers. We care about is not only pay for itself. We care more about how to make our terms of payment is more individuation, and be able to give customers more benefits and services “.


once lay in the glass ShangKangNing make gorilla glass as the iPhone and the most began to use the glass, for apple technology has increased a lot of weight. In the past, Apple’s Home button and lens are used industrial sapphire glass, now Apple spent heavily to build her sapphire touch screen and apply this technology to Apple Watch.

although apple seems to have successfully made suitable for the iPhone and the screen, but not apple canning blow more violent, nor more quickly. However nots allow to ignore the fact that apple fell by $500 million to a Arizona on the surface of the sapphire factories used in the manufacture of Home button and production (rumors).

corning spokesman Dan also spoke to this, he said apple still is their big customer. Wendell weekes before as CEO told investors sapphire is 10 times more expensive than a gorilla glass screen and it takes more than 100 times the energy of the production process. It’s like apple suggest that they are worried about losing this customer.

Source: Bloomberg

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