The most hassle free mobile second-hand trading platform, Carousell redwoods

do you have so many loved or items not to use it? Is often begin to deal with those piles of clothes, toys, jewelry, can only cry a male and female servants to do? So now, you can do it. Take a picture for sake of processing items, description, and then you can hang out to sell, the whole process is less than 30 seconds. Want to spend money for good things, of course, can also no problem, these are all Carousell expertise.

Carousell is Singapore a second-hand goods trading application, can let the customer realize quick online transactions, whether in the iOS or Android platform, has a high market share, has been obtained by sequoia capital brought $6 million in the first round of investment. It before investors ex Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, silicon valley famous incubator 500 Startups and serial entrepreneur entrepreneurs Darius, zhang (Darius Cheung) also involved in the round, it makes Carousell financing amount up to $6.8 million so far.

Carousell last year just won by ex Ventures led the seeds of investment. Carousell plans to hire more network engineer to expand its development in Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, founder of Carousell hope finally can further to other Asia Pacific countries.

“in Taiwan, people have become accustomed to on the desktop platform for P2P, but not really friendly mobile platforms. We recently went to Taiwan has carried on the on-the-spot investigation, realized that we need to take action immediately. It’s the same situation in Malaysia, and adjacent to our two countries.” Co-founder and CEO xiu-rui guo (Siu Rui Quek) said: “we decided to develop several market, but we have ambition to move towards the world and in the broader asia-pacific region, our market to Australia, New Zealand, and even Hong Kong is quite interested.”

since June, Carousell already occupy Singapore App Store shopping first class application download list, co-founder xiu-rui guo said that since 2012, more than 8 million pieces of goods information on Carousell is created, now every minute of the day with an average of eight transaction complete.

of course, rapid growth for any new P2P networks have been accompanied by some drawbacks. Carousell there are bursts of accounts, and record in the buyers and sellers will be embarrassing.

xiu-rui guo said it made him feel very funny (had been in his words: “I was in distress situation”), he said, as the company scale expands unceasingly, Carousell have a need to increase some audit tools. With the development of the team, they will be able to more quickly and efficiently delete a user and the spray of fraud, at the same time improve the user feedback system.

Carousell in expansion, also had to and leading online classified sites, trading platform and BBS fierce battle. Such as Facebook and photo sharing application sets have similar functions, many users will often use them to trade. Carousell team said they will test the new strategy for different market, gives priority to the platform, including considering the desktop with ease to win users.

to use this app, the seller must first sell items to be photographed with Carousell photo editing function, attach some details, then hang out. Sellers can communicate through Carousell station and potential buyers.

Carousell still profit in exploration strategy, potential revenue sources include for sellers introduced advanced features, such as to hang sold hundreds of items of the seller to provide additional photos and management functions. Xiu-rui guo said that although the bulk of the seller, on Carousell are all want to deal with second-hand goods or don’t need personal items, but small businesses and stores also started using Carousell now, this is to give the company a chance to dig the SMB market.

sequoia capital in India, executive director of Shailendra Singh said in a statement: “Carousell is our most recently one of the most exciting start-up. The company in almost without any promotion, has become the main hub of consumers buy and sell all kinds of goods, the quantity of daily articles published and tens of thousands of volumes.


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