The most beautiful lyrics: based on the social application of the lyrics, so literature and art


people say song is a body, is the soul of the song. If you like music, it is the standard of the lyrics, hunting cloud network recommended APP, you can try the lyrics express thoughts, emotions in the lyrics, you can also find like-minded friends here, to discuss the lyrics, those lyrics touches your heart.

is the most beautiful lyrics is the present domestic first lyrics social applications, community, that is to collect and share lyrics lyrics for clues to unfamiliar but people feel the same way. Is the most beautiful lyrics to people in the music of different mood as the breakthrough point, built a platform with the lyrics tell stories. In urban culture to loneliness and isolation of people today, with the fastest and the most warm heart is the most beautiful lyrics to find lost the same kind of people in the crowd, in a different communication bring different touches. Those who sing into your heart, is you are looking for the most beautiful lyrics. And the past let it go, just do your best in the song.

the main functions of the most beautiful lyrics, lyrics square, here you can share your joy and sorrow, can share your favorite lyrics are simple, also can through the matching figure, coupled with the most appropriate lyrics, express their joy and sadness. Sometimes there is no suitable words to express, you can slip right step “text” page, edit their own mood words, match the pictures with love. Of course, you can also add friends, chat together, have a common heart, talk will only be more right.

cloud network hunting thinks, if the background can be according to the text, automatically intercept corresponding songs fragments, matching, rich content show the way. The feeling of visual images, add text, add music hearing, experience such a feeling.

in addition, the word friend can gather together to discuss song in your heart, god can also talent, solitaire lyrics, lyrics, change a word sing, etc. In the icibaer channel, you can create your own channel, and the word friends speak freely, can also be involved in other people’s channel. In channel, there is no attention, social networking, you can always go up to say a few words, when you are offline, also will not cause you any bother. The number of users is limited, not too rich content, but activity is good.

is the most beautiful lyrics APP at the bottom there is a blue plus sign, punctuated with 1. Lyrics search, can jump browser, help you find want to lyrics. 2. The word match figure painting, hunting cloud network feels like the lyrics to “release” of the square, are editing text, and then illustrated. 3. The music box, music associated shrimp, suddenly want to listen to a song, can easily hear here.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, is the most beautiful lyrics APP is two independent development of college students, Zhang Cheng dragon love mobile Internet, have idea, execution, as a product is the most beautiful lyrics. Shao-wei Yang android, ios, double platform developers, have rich development experience, the technology responsible for the most beautiful lyrics. The software for the simple reason that they do is to love the lyrics. Slogan “years like song, you may be fleshed out the most beautiful, Time and do your best in song.” Is that literature and art.

as social applications show the extreme vertical segmentation, the most beautiful lyrics seized control of the lyrics of music that a big market, the user positioning precision. After 90 s personality is distinct, but all have one thing in common, love music, make track for a star can reach the point of sleepless nights. Star is not dynamic, listening to music, write lyrics to fill that void.

anyway, all kinds of music player application class already enough perfect, and it also has a social function. Why do the most beautiful lyrics? In music social aspects, netease cloud music and ttpod social card based on the music player, but their focus in and “because of one song” knowledge, for social media, lets a person find better music – by introducing a “person” and “playlists” and other typical ways, allows the user to a person with group of points, because of one song, increase to meet the mind the possibility of the music.

use social networking to allow the user to find good song, also increased the stickiness. And the most beautiful lyrics in the lyrics as the breakthrough point, built a platform with lyrics tell stories is the most beautiful lyrics, music and words have in common is that convey people’s feelings, but unlike music melody, lyrics thanks to the power of words, let a person more impressive, the most beautiful lyrics, through the lyrics found the story, meet people, friends in words.

cloud network hunting think music player strong content, is not to say that social, but difficult to aggregate user, user depth discussion. APP is the most beautiful lyrics by fragmentation of the lyrics, to cause the resonance of the user, can even to rewrite the lyrics, or the original word, triggering widespread interaction. Build from the lyrics to share, comprehension, to the creation of the lyrics, focus, and the derivatives of the whole closed-loop lyrics, services to provide users with lyrics.

The most beautiful lyrics

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