The miracle of VC did not get a penny The WiFi master key launch

on November 8th, hunting cloud network news

Momo filing sparked heated debate, media pay close attention to market for a new technology company. A source told cloud network editor jun hunting a bombshell, famous product of WiFi Internet master key operating company Shanghai network technology co., LTD. Is the launch plan, has been in contact with several brokerages.

the earliest WiFi master key is a popular in Android mobile phone users search the WiFi connection management tools in groups. Its article database built one hundred million wi-fi hotspots data, all from the user to share information using known wi-fi hotspots.

it is through everyone share strategies, such as, free WiFi master key quickly became free WiFi application of domestic currently ranked first, in addition to the Android version, Shanghai has gradually developed a version of iOS and PC version. At present, the WiFi master key has more than 500 million users, mobile phone users after micro letter, and, with the number of new users are still millions of wild growth.

with vast users, WiFi has become a versatile mobile Internet portal, its business is developing rapidly, has now achieve tens of millions of monthly income. It is reported that six months ago, there is a $1 billion investment professionals to give WiFi master key.

, according to people familiar with the Shanghai even it is within the company has launched on schedule, have intensive contact with several brokerages. It is worth noting that the WiFi master key has been relying on its own capital owners group development, does not accept any investment, so in domestic or overseas listed conform to the basic requirements.

edit you get message attachment Shanghai is official, connect each other.

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