The meeting inefficient? To learn the principles of eight former Google CEO Eric schmidt

BI have reported on October 1,

you may feel of wenshan cope is already used to it, even you think it is that you must experience of suffering. All kinds of companies, from start-ups to large companies, are facing too much meeting been rampant problem.

however, well-functioning meeting is another matter. “This is the most effective to present data and points of view, discuss the problems and make decisions.” Google executive chairman of former CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) and a former senior vice President Jonathan – Rosenberg (Jonathan Rosenberg) in a new book “How the Google Works” (How Google Works).

schmidt and his team has formed the one whole set a meeting to guide, “what a waste of time” can be turned into a chance to improve efficiency and morale. We summarized them below the meeting some effective principles.

1. Every meeting needs a policy makers

the equal level of two groups of people together a meeting to tend not to have a good result, because the end result is often compromise, not to make the optimal hard decisions.” Schmidt and rosenberg wrote.

they suggest explicitly specify a “decider”, in order to let all the people know who has the final say over.

2. The meeting need to clear the purpose and structure of the

is too long meeting often lack of clearly defined goals and structure. Schmidt and rosenberg explained that policymakers need to “convened meetings, make sure the meeting content is correct, and set goals, determine who participate in, and provide the meeting agenda at least 24 hours in advance to the participants.”

then, decision makers responsible for the review meeting resolution, and use E-mail to each participant within 48 hours, and should be informed to send people to the rest of the related task arrangement.

3. Used to share information or communicate meeting still need host

schmidt and his team found that if they do not share information or communicate meeting seriously, also could have been effective meeting may become a waste of time. Here, still need to insist on the principle of the first two.

4. When necessary to meet

“the purpose of any meeting should have it, if the purpose is not clear, or meeting to reach this goal, so the meeting should be cancelled.” Schmidt and rosenberg wrote.

if you find yourself just out of habit and a fixed meeting, then you probably should have now reset the meeting goals or simply cancel the meeting.

5. The number of not more than eight

opinions and everyone should be in the meeting. If just do a bystander, then will waste the time could have made a lot of things. Too many participants will reduce the quality of the communication meeting. After the meeting, the meeting should be sent to those who didn’t attend the meeting but could benefit from it.

6. Meeting only invite the necessary people attend

“there are a lot of time, our executive with customers or partners walked into the conference room, found that the room is full of people.” Schmidt and rosenberg wrote. They can’t control the number of customers or partners over there, but can control their company’s participants.

especially for some important meetings, Google encourages its executives from the meeting to go only, and not just to reflect the importance of their own and attend the meeting.

7. Strictly abide by the time limit

meeting to start and end on time. At the end of the meeting, to summarize the discussion results. If the meeting need to last a long time, you should arrange the appropriate time to rest in the agenda.

if you get it finished ahead of schedule, idea, there is no need to fill the rest of the time. Let everyone to go back to their jobs as soon as possible, the sooner the better.

8. When the meeting will wholeheartedly

if you comply with the above principles, then you have to attend the meeting is to go the meeting. On such occasions, you need to focus on all the attention, instead of sitting in the room using a mobile phone or notebook computer check E-mail.

schmidt and rosenberg wrote, in Google, this is the most difficult to comply with the principle of. In the end, they had to give advice employees switch off the laptop. “But it is still a good principles!” They wrote. (happy)

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