The market has changed, apple has had to backtrack

cloud network hunting on September 23 (text/MoZiFei editor/water Yan)

apple out of the domestic mobile phone to the chance of a samsung ridicule, satire of news and ads are coming in of all kinds of mobile phones for apple, have pointed out that jobs in judgment.

Beijing standard time on September 10, 2014 of the conference is a historic moment for apple, introduced a iPhone6 4.7 inches and 4.7 inches iPhone6 Plus, this is an important adjustment on screen. However samsung expressed mocked: after conference samsung branch in the Philippines on twitter cited Steve jobs had said “no one would want to buy domestic mobile phone” to mocking apple push domestic iPhone of behavior, and said “guess who is renege, changed their minds”.

we also can not help but ask: apple, how did you renege?

the apple in the IT industry used to be a miracle, is the representative of science and technology, is the innovation leader. Its founder Steve jobs during his life had slipped out a speech at a news conference “No one is (going to buy a big phone (No one will buy domestic mobile phone)”. He thought the one-handed operation of a 3.5 -inch screen is the best size, mobile phone is at the heart of innovation, there is no innovative products as the life of the soul. So, inside the apple, following the imitation competitive products is a no-no. And the company all staff has been sticking to the idea, but apple decided to give up jobs idea, decided to follow the road.

although apple on small screen iPhone has a huge sales success, but there were also no significant affect the IOS market share, android or blanket, WP have a chance. Actually, according to apple’s technical strength, can be released in two or three years ago, a 4.7 -inch iPhone, take the initiative to occupy the domestic market, but now can only passive adjustment, looks like samsung’s followers. IPhone 6 only passive screen upgrade, but no advanced industry technology innovation.

now apple is in the legend of the past continue, lack of internal innovation and change, in order to more market share, in order to more consumer groups, were forced to make concessions. In addition with the improving of the competitors on various aspects, accelerating cell phone upgrade, consumer demand for domestic mobile phone has been constantly improved. Driven by market demand, apple will not make concessions.

the market has changed. Can’t because Joe sage words regardless of the user requirements of today.


on the other hand, experience and development of the small screen mobile phone has been done, and then continue to launch small screen mobile phone has not much meaning. Small screen mobile phones already cannot satisfy people hope that through social demand, games, office, access to information.

on the other hand, smartphones have mature more and more high-end customers need smart phones have stronger office function. Through the past can achieve such purpose, but has bigger than smartphones have portability. People in rising to the requirement of mobile phone.

in addition, the smaller screen Apple Watch already, need to be on the small screen experience and domestic experience a more obvious. Thus, it is not hard to guess apple renege also has its inevitability.

the apple is really renege, but this does not mean that the new release of apple mobile phone on the quality and performance problems. Apple still is unique, and its operating system still has certain advantages, it is impossible to be replaced immediately. Although domestic iPhone late, although do not have too big upgrade, but the iPhone 6 sell like hot cakes, also don’t have much doubt.

the apple is really renege, but that is a big step forward comply with the demand of consumers, which makes breakthrough the limitation of Mr Jobs, apple to apple mobile phone more space for development. So, apple renege.

the apple is really renege, but it is still the ultimate goal in order to better service the vast number of consumers, it is also a kind of progress. We shouldn’t go on about apple’s peccadillos blindly criticism irony, “man to err, to err is human.?”

screen and small screen is not a question of the company’s business ethics, is not a question of the core values of corporate brand. Small screen under the condition of the technologies of the past experience is better, the wheel of history is rolling forward, can’t let the user’s actual demand.

we should be noted that apple brings us what, whether gives consumers more economical, more convenient? We should pay attention to, cook, take jobs after work, will be new, whether can bring revolutionary significance of the new product. After all, is the core of science and technology, simple small changes to attract consumers eyeball, over time will bring fatigue, can really create a really suitable for consumer products is the key.

don’t struggle with apple whether renege again, to see if it brings us convenience and the future development of…

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