The loan application documents: millet last year net profit of 3.46 billion yuan

according to the Wall Street journal, the newspaper recently, according to a confidential file for millet company revenue last year reached 27 billion yuan, and net income of 3.46 billion yuan, in the fierce competition in the smartphone market, millet company shows a good growth.
The Wall Street journal said the information mainly from millet submitted the loan application documents to the bank. Last month, the company plans to issue $1 billion of bonds for foreign Banks to expand overseas markets, according to bank lending reached 29, including deutsche bank, jp Morgan chase bank, Morgan Stanley, Brazil, Japan bank of tokyo-mitsubishi UFJ, credit suisse, Goldman sachs group inc. and so on. The millet smartphone shipments in China has already surpassed the samsung and apple, and began to sell mobile phones in India and Indonesia.

the loan application documents show, millet company revenue of 27 billion yuan last year, more than doubled compared to the same; The company net profit of 3.46 billion yuan, more than 2012 RMB 1.88 billion net profit growth of 84%. File, millet, the company’s net profit growth of 75% this year.

at present, the millet company 94% of the revenue from mobile phone sales. Wallpaper, theme and other value-added services, games, and other business overall revenue proportion is not high, among them, the mobile games and other services revenue accounted for only 1% of the company’s revenue. But in the long term, millet after perfect hardware business layout, will gradually focus on expanding in the software and services market.

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