The lazy weekend: personalized recommendation weekend life, volume of 100 single over the weekend

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help technology co., LTD. Hangzhou m , was founded in the end of 2011, is a focus on life, the mobile Internet company, focused on the combination of mobile Internet and local consumer sector. At present, the company about 30 people, founding personnel mainly comes from the alibaba, taobao, koubei.

the company had previously been two product line – sharing application fine food and a main attractions tickets limited-time discount sale of mobile applications, special offer tickets (). Recent m help again launched a personalized recommendation weekend lifestyle mobile applications lazy weekend.

the lazy weekend in early November, is a recommended application of personalized content, way of life for users to recommend the weekend over the weekend life, help the user to meet the requirements of “the weekend don’t know what”, activity type and content of scene covers “swim around, exhibition, food, movies, music, etc. Current volume of 100 single over the weekend.

weekend applications on the market at present, why do you do?

the lazy weekend co-founder and CEO 金忠堃 tell hunting cloud network (flower, longjing tea), at the time when operating sites special offer tickets weekend day trading 300 single, guest unit price from $200 to $200. Team think the weekend life is there is a market and development space, and the variety show “where dad” is very fire, and the team want to do two segment of app, through thinking chose “weekend” class a single app to do it.

the lazy weekend content source, main is to rely on users to recommend and businesses to send, the user is not security, to ensure the quality of activities and the platform is consistent purpose. User recommendation and merchants to send activities, team will strict audit, verify authenticity, lazy weekend have special audit system.

金忠堃 said, no specific user positioning, lazy weekend activities is recommended according to user label and algorithm intelligence, found in the process of operation, the female users more lazy weekend. Currently support the national more than 20 areas use lazy weekend, one of the cities, the more the 2 line about accounted for more than 10.

the lazy weekend recommended only 10 activities every day, the latest version has expanded more content recommended . According to users’ personal attributes, such as interest for the user to find suitable for weekend travel activities, users can collect interest activities, now part of the activities support the direct online payment and reservation. weekend orders at present has reached more than 100 single .

lazy weekend founding team 5 per capita from ali subsidiary . 金忠堃, Ding Shaoshun, Liu Zhitao in 05 years co-founded the vertical search, after the company acquired by word-of-mouth network joined ali as a whole.

金忠堃 is responsible for the reputation of local search product research and development and operations, senior product manager in ali for four years. Founded at the end of 2011 m to help and marketing of mobile client app product operation experience for many years. Local search search technology manager Ding Shaoshun word-of-mouth (in ali for four years). Liu Zhitao in word of mouth is UED department supervisor, is responsible for the front team, responsible for product design, to product, interaction design has many years experience.

co-founder GanHuaTao, word of mouth local life sales in 2007, 2008, ali b2b business tonglu area sales manager (in ali service three years). 2012 m to help, responsible for the online and offline promotion and team management. Co-founder Wang Weifeng, taobao 2007 front-end senior engineer (in ali service for 3 years), 2013 m to help, is now responsible for m to help the front (iPhone, Android, and Web).

金忠堃 said, “our different is the personalized recommendation, part walk through trading closed loop, real-time class activity . More than 3 points is also our future operation of the key differences and similar products. The next version planned business publishing platform and personalized recommendation “.

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Company: hangzhou meters for science and technology co., LTD.

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