The last glory of amazon Kindle Voyage, electronic reader?

(/horse relief yi wen)

amazon has just released a new generation of Kindle. Most technology media evaluation called “Kindlle Voyage” devices, is the amazon and even the entire field of e-book reader, the best products.

Kindlle Voyage, which costs $199, the most outstanding characteristic is to screen 300 ppi, display effect is better, do manual work is use the advanced materials such as glass and metal, add a lot of new features.

the most outstanding should be Kindlle Voyage e ink screen resolution is improved, reaching 300 ppi. In addition, a sharp rise in the screen to black and white contrast, also make itself is a backlight source Kindle reading effect to the next level.

Kindlle Voyage screen also adopted a special process of glass material, not reflective, but also closer to the paper reading experience. It is worth noting that Kindlle Voyage back using the inferior smooth magnesium metal, hand feel more smooth.

it is important to note that Kindlle Voyage to add the function of “pressure induction page”, although there is no entity page button, but by adding the pressure sensor around the screen, let the user in the case of “no touch” screen, press the page (not very sensitive, any effort).

the Kindlle Voyag also has automatic light sensor function, can according to user’s different reading environment, automatically adjust the screen brightness.

in addition, Kindlle Voyage is built-in Family Library function, allowing the user to and up to six account for Shared book reading.

it is important to note that the amazon today also released another low-end Kindle, priced at $79. Earlier, amazon launched.

Update: Kindle Voyage in mainland China will officially went on sale on December 10, the user can also choose to limited edition set, add a folding leather case and $100 Kindle vouchers. The Kindle Voyage in mainland China sells for 1999 yuan.

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