The kid’s good partner, Smart Toy makes the interact with the plush toys

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accelerating in recent Disney entrepreneurial projects on demo day, Ubooly company for product demonstration. But it is no longer the original join the picture of the project. The startup renamed: “Smart Toy”, the name can perfectly reflect it aims to create more intelligent interactive Toy’s vision, but they also continue to continue “Ubooly” title. Now the company is no longer a startup, at least not be an independent company. It has been Cartwheel Kids acquisition, Cartwheel Kids by a group of Disney and other early in costumes and clothing toys elite team of founded in 18 months ago.

Ubooly first product through the raise to complete, is a fluffy cute can be transformed into a built-in iPhone or iPod Touch computing device driver of intelligent toys. Intelligent feature makes it can be personalized Settings and play with his children. Also, since it is based on the iOS application platform, so it can download the update and application ways of learning and increase development function.

Ubooly vision is to develop a series of intelligence toys, co-founder and chief executive of SmartToy Carly Gloge pointed out in an interview, in order to control the price of the product, they will directly within the toys hardware built-in intelligence, make the price of the toy under control in a reasonable range. This means that the new hardware SmartToy will bring their own intelligence, no built-in iPhone or iPod Touch. At the same time, they will also be geared to the needs of the iPhone or iPod Touch to develop more creative and interesting way of interaction.

the original Ubooly toys change expression through the iPhone’s screen, which is does not have the advantage of the new toy. But rogge said, although this is the advantage of original but with old toys can’t give the user a complete whole experience.

Gloge, referring to the new toy prototype said, “we tested in 30 children, one only found the expression of toys is not dynamic. So maybe the children don’t too care about this, because their own imagination to imagine the gap. We also try to try to make toys some dynamic Settings, but it will increase the cost, at the same time also can bring many additional questions. And, parents also don’t want to let the children of an electronic screen more damage.”

the new toy is also able to identify other electronic products screen, so if you play in the iPhone or the game, the toy is just nearby, it can give you help. With this function, the toy can have widely for other children like electronic products have the second experience. Gloge said in the interview, the secret in this technology is to realize the multiple functions of technical core is hidden. Learned it from apple, this technology is popular for all products. Because people are only interested in the function of the product itself, as for the technical details behind they don’t really care.

“consumers don’t care technology, especially the child’s parents, they only care about the toys are fun.” Gloge said. “If you’re in the toy market, you will find, the toy will be little change since the 1980 s. In the 1990 s is the ‘dark ages’ toys. The toy industry innovators basic disappear, toy company just behind closed doors. Now the power of innovation push toys also don’t blindly follow from these tiny in the mainstream of the company.”

Smart Toy to his toys into the “Smart” is also a kind of based on the cloud continues to improve the software system in the process of new Smart, so it can be basic sense of communication and interaction with the user. In addition, due to the software is based on the cloud, so it may be able to identify the surrounding environment, and other household equipment such as intelligent lighting control system with philips to collaborate. Gloge also said that in the future, they can let the parents give their children a story automatically adjust the indoor lighting, to adapt to the atmosphere of the story.

the company’s new owners Cartwheel Kids reason why want to buy Smart Toy company, the company’s sales department’s senior vice President, said it was because they thought the Toy industry is innovation and they are focusing on end-user consumption experience. For Smart Toy, takeover and continue to financing is the choice of two standby, but because the Cartwheel to provide them with the amount given birth to a Toy product required resources, so in the end it choose buyout by Cartwheel.

the toys will be in next year’s international consumer electronics show (CES) on the official launch, then it will be equipped with an acceleration sensor, NFC, 8 gb SSD and WiFi chip, and the microphone and speaker.


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