The kernel number, product final unification, the Windows kernel version to 10.0

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Windows have long had a kernel version number do not match the number in upgrading and product growth temperament. For example, Windows 7 the software real kernel version number is 6.1, Windows 8 kernel version number is 6.2, Windows 8.1 is 8.1.

the current beta version of Windows 10 are also to some extent with the eccentricity, for a long time, his kernel version number is 6.4, until now. National science and technology media recently released a display Windows kernel version number 10 to 10 images. BuildFeed internal version of the tracking number also shows the serial number of 10, other sources have confirmed the news.

our source also confirmed that the kernel version number changes, claims to Win 10 version number will be determined to be 10.0, the end of the Windows kernel version number for five years and is inconsistent with the actual version number. Before we Win 10 kernel version number change, we also have received news that claim to be 9.0 version number of the system.

application compatibility is the long-term use of 6.0 this was just for Microsoft Vista with the kernel version number. Due to various reasons, the purpose of some well-intentioned, some out of his isn’t very virtuous, tend to seek a kernel version number of the system software and run a series of calculation based on this. In some cases, these design is simply to avoid Windows bugs, such as selective to use some useful but is not the key part of the new features.

and in some cases, the software for the purpose of the kernel version number, it is not so virtuous. The refusal of such as compatibility and testing needs to choose a new version of Windows features, or just want to make some test software. And, of course, sometimes this is not intentional, but merely version of errors in check.

Windows Vista will improve to 6.0 version. Kernel version number change decision and Vista is determined to step in software security and a series of changes, led directly to became a Windows Vista series in the most notorious version software compatibility. A whole generation of software is based on the system kernel version number 5 (kernel version of Windows XP), on the assumption of when the kernel version number change to 6, and immediately they confused about what to do.

Microsoft for a specific version of the kernel software compatibility problem has a solution. AppCompat framework in the Windows system into many small changes are called “gasket”, as its name suggests, “gasket” from small local adjust Windows system operation mode, in order to solve the software and the kernel version compatibility. “Gasket” in dealing with these the most commonly used method is called “the version number to cheat”, as its name suggests, when a particular version of the software about Windows kernel version number, “gasket” given a predetermined good false version number, in order to solve the problem of compatibility.

however, AppCompat system is selective. Windows provides a database editable to “gasket” indicate what specific software for fine-tuning in order to avoid the happening of compatibility issues. But if the software is not in the database, personal customized software are obviously is not one of them, then “gasket” will not take action on them. At this time, the real kernel version number will be reported to the software, if there is no way to compatibility problems then. This database is changed by Windows updates on a regular basis, at the same time, in order to avoid the above questions, Microsoft provides a client tool, allowing custom database “gasket” apply computer administrator.

in order to avoid the infamous for compatibility issues like Vista, Windows 7 kernel version number have not upgraded to 7, but the only change is 6.1, the corresponding, Windows 8 chose 6.2, Windows 8.1 chose 8.1.

in fact, from a macro point of view change in the kernel version number and he really doesn’t matter. Microsoft’s quirks just let those who notice these subtleties are slightly surprised: since my operating system called Windows 8.1, why isn’t the kernel version 8.1?

Win 10 open early in the framework of the kernel version number is 6.4, seems Microsoft is going to stick to his habit, but now seems Microsoft is determined to change again. We believe that the 10.0 version number are not the final decision, still could change back to Microsoft, like previous version 9.0, Microsoft gave no definite answer to this.

on the basis of existing information, we can’t accurate judgment final Win 10 kernel version number is how much, we even can’t accurately predict the change of meaning. Microsoft in recent years in version is always have more small self.

Microsoft’s small self originated in Win 7, in Windows 7, Microsoft conducted a series of adjustments to API compatible behavior, through the use of a executable unit – called list – a series of embedded applications, Microsoft will change the behavior of these apis just paraphrasing and claim to support Win 7 program, while those who are not statement support Win 7 use Vista compatible API operations. Want to use the Win 7 API compatibility, the software need to claim to support Win 7 to enter the listing. At the time of Windows 8, Microsoft also use this way, unless the software statement support Windows 8 to join the list, or you will follow the old operating system compatibility mode.

the task manager of the “operating system environment” column reveals the Microsoft small self here for us. Did not enter the list of software in this column will indicate the “Windows Vista”; Only the Windows 8.1 operating system component in Win8.1, while the rest of the software is in the middle of the version number, for example, Office2013, its Windows 7 operating system environment.

on Windows 8.1, Microsoft is more humanized. Unlike in the past by the API ask software operating system environment or use the list to be difference, Win all not explicitly support Win 8.1 8.1 classified as Windows 8, through such processing of human nature, the old version software will think they are still under the environment of Windows 8.

by continuous improvement, the kernel version number change become much safer. For like a Vista for the kernel version are not compatible and broke all sorts of fear of stigma has become the past. Only statement support Win 10 software can find his kernel version number is 10. Through the heart of Microsoft’s small private, now can Win 10 AnAnQuanQuan with a 10.0 kernel version number.

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