The ivory tower: the campus social firewall


lost happened frequently, once again become the focus of society campus family safely. Mobile Internet is convenient and efficient, making it easy to contact social channels of students, and varied. Hunting cloud network and you talk about “ivory tower”, perhaps it can protect the oasis, shouldering the task of the firewall.

the ivory tower is a focus of college campus stranger dating software, written by xu cool software technology co., LTD., zhengzhou city, the green culture media co., LTD. Of zhengzhou city to assist the project promotion work. To the founder, with the team during the university for the first good body network entrepreneurship competition, won the province the first champion, with three teams to participate in the challenge cup venture competition, two teams won the lottery. Published articles on the net the dilemma of the small city web startups get baidu news, today’s headlines, such as dozens of media reprinted.

in addition to complete their studies, students have a lot of time can be used in the organization to participate in the activities, the demand for social this is a very deep. The early stage of the ivory tower grant wishes to publish, and offline activities as the breakthrough point, to solve the two pain points of the first generation of the stranger: efficiency and trust issues. Main city cross-school social, with activity as the focus, using the first event again gather together social patterns, major social half a stranger.

ivory tower founder has also revealed to the hunting cloud network creative inspiration: when he was senior, recalling the saw and heard in university, and a lot of people often as friends and interests is not necessarily the same time, so often when doing the things, can not find a suitable partner, and then to find some of my classmates, most people said all have this need, also in consideration of the students is a huge group, for a few schools, all the geographical position is relatively close, in adolescence, more free time, so I get this project startup.

software which has found his function, can be found near the students, so as to better communicate with their peers, and implements the city cross-school dating, and don’t have to worry about cheating, and better on meeting strangers. Pioneered online wish wall, can release their little wish anytime and anywhere, waiting for the right Ta. And drying plates, wish the wall and the sun mood plate demand front, let the boy directly help the girl realize desire, thus better about out of the opposite sex, solve the problem of the stranger social efficiency. Spare more time to publish and to participate in the offline activities, don’t worry yourself nobody wants to go to the singing, nobody wants to go to play, want to do public welfare, want to go riding no one regret scenes and so on.

hunting cloud network learned that the product is launched there is also a month or so, the product itself is not too perfect, users reflect the software also needs to optimize, now is to use card, need to continue to optimize. To the said: “we are the biggest difficulty is the lack of funds. Used to optimize design, and a few can lead to a great publicity activities. Now has some of the activities sponsored by the school, won the tens of thousands of registrations in zhengzhou.

ivory tower app aims to create a trusted by spectrum of social networking platform, the user easy to launch a mobile phone, you can get all the university students’ response, and social activity to offline businesses, to help users get a make up can take a time-consuming activity. Future revenue channels only advertising not only, still have member value-added services, and games, and electricity and so on beer and skittles. And with the popularity of the arrival of the 4 g and wireless, 2 g era is given priority to with text + image, the 3 g era is given priority to with text + images, voice, and 4 g era text + + video picture is the mainstream, they are also considering the development of related.

so the question comes, in the right place, right time and the three aspects? First of all, social half strangers, meet social at the same time, solves the security of this important issue. Secondly, the national implementation of the pattern of the construction of university town, several universities stayed together, right this condition. To the founder for the people and the last question, to the convective cloud network is introduced: “our team have complementary advantages, everyone can on own post role. To have a very high start-up passion, like-minded, solidarity, bears hardships and stands hard work, have very good execution. The atmosphere is very good, everybody just like family. We can walk to arrive together, is also a coincidence, the beginning is to know each other through mutual friends introduce recommended, then communicate with each other after understanding, hit it off. I can meet them, let everybody follow me in business, with little salary and sometimes stay up late to work overtime, I personally feel very lucky I am.”

ivory tower

company: zhengzhou city xu cool software technology co., LTD.


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