The iPhone lost 6 digital cameras have advantage

it was destined to happen sooner or later, one day a smartphone will make love taking pictures of people in work and life, is no longer needed with high-performance portable digital camera. While the iPhone 6 and pictures better iPhone Plus is beginning to break the tipping point.

although feel on the news the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus with an iPhone 5 s last year, there is not much change on the camera, but apple on hardware that always happens, just glance over at the technical parameters can be found that they have a lot of different. The iPhone 6 Plus a new optical image stabilization effect, the two new phone compared to the iPhone 5 s has made great progress, it reflected on the photo experience also performed on the final image (image more clear, the color has a better rendering). The af speed also had the very big improvement, in the imaging effect of weak light environment also had the very big promotion.

this is in weak light imaging (no flash, but the effect still is good), is the most the picture so I decided to take pictures with the iPhone 6. Before go to the pub to play or going to a party at night, I will be carrying a large dimension of the digital camera sensor, was originally the Canon according to, later is SONY RX – 100 (first generation), even if you don’t open them annoying flash has very good imaging effect, even all the kind of person who sit down beside me at the bar could not see. But while compared with the digital SLR and replaceable lens of the camera which has the size advantage, but still the digital camera is very heavy, and in addition to the camera you would with a mobile phone again.

in fact, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus under the condition of poor light imaging effects are far beyond expectations, while it is true that a full screen look at photos on the computer will see noise, less pictures when the light is enough, but whether it is a photo album on the iPhone or through Facebook, Twitter, share with them to see, the photos look great.

I would have to give up the idea of printing I clap a photo, although before I had my first digital SLR for at least ten years I think print photos is a very interesting thing. But even in I just contact the classic Rebel film SLR, I seldom photos printed, so sometimes I also very confused why at the beginning he would always have this kind of unrealistic ideas for ten years.

but this is not to say apple camera photo is not suitable for printing: in fact, in most cases, especially when the light is enough, take out the photos can print very well. And for about 98% of the users in their daily requirements during production, the iPhone 6 photo shoots to provide resolution and image quality is far beyond its price should provide effect of mobile phone. Even I the high requirements for imaging, but also because of the performance of the iPhone 6 gradually shaken must have the idea of a digital camera.

I’m still a camera geek, and will always liked the idea of physical control button, but the iPhone 6 let I later don’t have to take the SLR digital cameras, professional photography, of course, if it is need I will bring my professional photographic equipment. In macro photography, the iPhone 6 cameras can also bring good bokeh effect. You can see this from my plate. In addition, the iPhone 6 is a comparable professional camera civilians, while the local tyrants golden iPhone 6 Plus may be.

the place on put together is narrated, the focus of the current is not that smart phone camera can transcend professional camera, but how much can show its advantages.


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