The iPhone 6 booking on its web site that is collapse, user call hurt

(/horse relief yi wen)

yesterday, the iPhone 6 (Plus) formally accept online booking. Sorry but not surprisingly, apple’s official website booking page, unexpectedly fell into at least two and a half hours of paralysis. You know, those devout American fruit powder, in order to get the their “baby”, but sitting in front of a computer waiting in the morning!

many people express their dissatisfaction, thought he was apple Fuck again. Many point out that they are struggling to get by three o ‘clock in the morning, over and over again to refresh the page, in is the collapse of the site. Ironically, as a result of carrier web bugs, even some netizens claimed that he booked to two iphones at 6.

foreign media have to apple. They questioned why the apple to do their own “fellows”. Why do you want to let the people of the United States to stay up late into the wee hours to make a reservation? ! Is understood to be outside the United States apple official book page does not appear paralysed.

of course, the results from the other side also proves that a new generation of consumers on the iPhone up again. AT& T announced on the first day of booking and the iPhone 6 bookings over the past two years. While apple official also said that a new generation of the iPhone’s bookings made history. Other data show that a bigger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus only within hours of the start of the booking, were booked out. Even those who get the booking may have until mid-october to shipment.

however, mainland more helpless pain could be a fan. After all, we are now even Fuck time also don’t know…

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