The iOS landing on 8: gradually mature “problem solvers”

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from the iOS upgrade to iOS 6 7, on the vision and the renovation of the significant vulnerabilities allow many users deeply disappointed, now the apple iOS 8 is committed to creating natural user experience.

today, the company formally introduced to the public today 8 operating system iOS download, iPhone 4 s and above models, the device and the above models, the fifth generation iPod Touch and iPod mini apple mobile devices support the system. Select upgrade before, however, apple systems require equipment around 1 GB of available space, and the time of iOS 8 requires up to about 5.7 GB of free space (whether many people rejected for lack of storage?) .

however, iOS version of the iOS 8 is still one of the most open, interface and iOS 7 not big difference, but various aspects function improved, but also for the first time allow third-party input method, iOS revolutionary breakthrough. Compared with the iOS version 7, the new version is improved on the details, apple’s cloud service and equipment more seamless interoperability played quite well, some of the changes to the user is difficult to detect, but it has quietly affect your actual experience. While the Android has been chasing the pace of the apple, but some things only iOS can convey all the time. Let’s study, first glimpse iOS 8 innovation:

simple life attitude

then we will introduce a lot of new and improved applications, but the eight biggest characteristic is to pursue simple life attitude.

interactive notification, focus on life

8 interactive design, introduced the notification center, iOS users focus on hand is doing, don’t have to leave the current application can be processed directly on the notification banner text messages, calendar, E-mail and third-party applications. But such shortcuts can only be carried out only in news push now, once the message into the heart of the notification, the user will have to open the application to operate as usual. And notify the center a key emptying function is not currently supported. But notice the “today” in the center of the module function improved, user besides as usual can browse plan events, such as weather forecast and stock data, you can also add a third party widget. Under any interface, double-click the Home button after entering the background, the screen is displayed above the frequent contacts, the user can directly instead of calls, send messages, emails, and even can be facetime.

intelligent search, convenient life

iOS 8 in search the swallow the short board, no longer limited to local search, but can be connected to the Internet search application, query wikipedia, enjoy news service, map, find apple into the iTunes store, App store and iBooks store, the Spotlight will also according to user’s search preferences in Safari, provide search Suggestions to the user. Although the expand the search function is very good, but the search results can live up to expectations is still a problem, after all, only the search to the user the expected results, is convenient for the user’s life. In this regard, fifteen years earlier development of Google search function leads all the way, if apple Siri to continue to improve the Spotlight function, may have a chance to catch up with Google.

voice assistant, enjoy life

Google Now realized without hands can use personal assistant target, the user just say “ok, Google, Google Now will start. In iOS 8, apple also learned of this, the user simply say “Hey, Siri”, you are able to operate the voice control function. Though this function only use electricity, but there are, in turn, power-saving effect, otherwise around as long as someone shouted, “Hey Siri”, will continuously launch voice assistant, equipment will be more electricity. In addition, in the earlier release of iOS 8 beta Siri, formal version adds some new features, including through songs Shazam recognition, direct purchase iTunes music, etc. 8 after the release of iOS, the user can look forward to the future Siri used remote remote control device, such as apple HomeKit SDK.

smart keyboard, efficient life

iOS 8 is so far the biggest changes in the operating system, keyboard keyboard lift the blockade on third-party input method, the user can choose like input method is used, at the same time with unique and text editors forecast engine, support for sliding input. When a user type, the keyboard will display the next candidate words or words, when users to send E-mail, the keyboard will automatically match contacts, the use of these are based on using habit, send content of intelligent matching with the input records. Although third-party input method can increase the main screen an unnecessary icon, but the apple on the input method of big moves it is good news for the user.

the application of new and improved


the mail iOS application borrows Gmail and Mailbox, can automatically identify, flight booking confirmation email and phone number, the user can add calendar events or contact details in my address book. Sliding in the interface design is a very, very common usage, the iOS 8, can read mail long slide to the right, left a long slide will save email, if it is to the left half slip there will be additional markup or delete function. In addition, email notification function has been added, the user can be set for important mail notification without worrying about the mail is ignored.

photo and camera

iOS 8 farewell to libraries, new pictures application to set a variety of related software, and iOS version 7 are similar, but more powerful. Apple new important search function in the photos application, the user can according to the photos of the time, place, or to find a photo album, where the function with the function of search history. Built-in photo editing tools can perform a simple intelligent regulation such as brightness and contrast, third-party tools and support. At the same time, 8 also added new iOS – delay photography camera model, the feature is similar to sets Hyperlapse, taking pictures to dynamically select the time interval, and then by a series of photos into video, users only need to select delay mode, click the record button to record everything you wanted.

health management applications

the Health application is one of the two application of new iOS 8 interface, it is a comprehensive Health management applications, all of the data, can display user Health information third-party applications can also with Heath synchronization platform, to provide users with comprehensive Health data in more detail. But the application does not reflect the company has always been the concept of user experience, menu interface concision, and calculation is not accurate. But it is worth mentioning that the user can create Health when it is applied in the use of Health accounts, fill in their own Health information in detail, while there are privacy issues, but it can access quickly from the lock screen, played a role at a crucial moment.

user guide

in view of the particularity of 8 operating system iOS, apple added a simple application user guide to help users quickly grasp the operation skills, and in the following days will update the guide.


in iOS 8, Messages can be recorded and send voice and video, and introduce the function of group chat, user can pull people, kicking, group change note, delete and other operations, can also send your location information to others, to share a track record of period of time.

cloud services and connected experience

iOS 8 cloud service function similar to Dropbox, only need between devices on the same up to account, can achieve synchronization information. , for example, if a user on the Mac side open a file, and then in other iOS device can synchronize to open the same file, even from the breakpoint continue editing. This cross-platform synchronous implementation of benefit from the application of third-party developers, using iOS and OS X 8 Yosemite, the iPhone, apple and Mac connect with unprecedented experience.


through this article we learned about the iOS 8 a variety of functions, but the use of these functions requires the corresponding privileges, such as photographs and video “share” option must be open, to use third-party applications. Because developers can take advantage of the fingerprint identification for authorization, therefore in both login validation and application download, or buy to pay, the effect of fingerprint identification system will be more and more big.


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