The Internet to save the legal market, online legal service for “qiu ju”

a long time, especially in the field of finance and economics and the wide application of new technologies, the legal system is still far lags behind the speed of industrial development, so the legal science and technology, market potential is special, will be as much as $400 billion by conservative estimates, the prospect one be bright.

however, for a long time, because of the regulatory measures and risk aversion, combined with the dispersion of stakeholders, making legal technology become a hard to chew bones, and slow down the speed of the original pattern collapse at the same time. Today, connecting the upcoming:

on the other hand, in the legal market customers now need to be more efficient, more transparent and more affordable legal technology services; Lawyers, on the other hand, the market tends to saturation, lawyers need to look for business by way of more advanced services.

the following will be taken from three aspects in this paper, the immediate legal technology big change in 2015.

self-help legal services “great leap forward”

now people more and more clever, self-service in the field of mobile technology is also increasingly popular, will soon in self-help legal services and traditional law between services, there is an obvious watershed. At the same time, self-help legal services is still belong to the category of “trade”, can not constitute a formal legal service trade, creating a new “micro” legal service market. But even so, self-help legal services never replace lawyers, the two form an integral part of the legal services market.

the well-known LegalZoom online legal service web site, was founded in 2001, sold at very low prices online generated and standardization of legal documents, save companies to hire a lawyer. Whether it’s the earliest LegalZoom or later RocketLawyer, is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to provide online service and affordable legal protection legal document service. But critics say, continue along the way, may cause the self-help legal services spending will be much higher than hiring a lawyer.

to be fair, online legal service company may go too far, too fast in some respects: although hire lawyers to perform some seemingly meaningless mechanization of legal services work, but in the interpretation of the law and decision strategy, the lawyer’s advice is very important.

in fact, lawyers and self-help legal services are complementary to each other: is mainly responsible for lawyers to provide policy recommendations, and then leave the execution work of mechanization to the customer to complete. At the same time, most of self-help legal services company has been or are being launched from the function of the human counsel for advice, this is an obvious signal of expansion.

in addition, as shake-down Law so that a relatively new type of self-help legal services company, has been extended to the deeper field and is beyond the scope of traditional Law service. Shake Law is a legal service mobile application, allows users to within a few minutes to create, sign and send the contract. Last year, Shake Law company CEO Abe used to create a “tiny Law” (Law) a word, to describe the self-help legal services involve freelancing, mobile technology and sharing micro trading in the field of economy.

for self-help legal services, mobile technology has changed the rules of the game industry, because it is lawyer interactions with customers, to create a legal relationship and structure. In before, this kind of interaction between limited to friends shaking hands, their relationship like friends in a bar drinking, finalizing it would mean the end of the interaction. In addition, when using a mobile application for drafting the contract or as the value of online legal service application stand out, without having to spend money to hire a lawyer.

online legal service market emerged

and other vertical markets, online legal service market is because consumer demand and promote the development of the industry, the future online legal service market will expand rapidly, and become the main way to look for a lawyer, like looking for housekeeping, doctors, convenient and quick. If you fast forward to the future, then the law firm is a service market: thousands of lawyers will infrastructure through the background management functions, so as to reduce the price of the whole market level, and at the same time, improve the service efficiency.

from the network, TaskRabbit to Tinder, there have been many local labor goods to. At the same time, consumer demand change is driving huge change in the way to find a lawyer. Previously, most of the enterprises and individuals through personal relationships to find lawyer (sometimes through BBS or search the yellow pages). The personal recommendation methods in the legal field, however, the efficiency is not high, because the network except I may not know the most suitable for your lawyer types, and the lawyer service is limited to the quality of the referee, its price and the value is not transparent.

now, there have been several online legal service company achieved initial success. Dei Legal company target market segment, and has set up a full function of the billing platform, the lawyer in the network service based on market price give preferential. While UpCounsel company allows the user to compare the legal service price, bidding lawyer; LawDingo company can immediately establish formal contact between the user and the lawyer; And Hire an Esquire companies can provide flexible staffing for law firms.

power legal services market

until a few years ago, legal search, billing, document review, file organization and project management work is still used the traditional method. And, these jobs take up a lot of lawyers service time, and the lawyer is still used by the hour, causing high service fee pay by the customer.

recently, strengthen the lawyers work presents the explosive growth of high-tech tools. In the field of legal search (backward until now also is very inefficient), CaseText intelligent search engine, Judicata and RavelLaw law in terms of popularity and streamline made substantial improvement.

document review (equally backward inefficient, more important is still highly dependent on high cost of artificial) have also been of Engine and Ebrevia machine learning tools such as the break. Not only improve the efficiency of the law, but also save the expenses for the customer.

at present, the market has emerged a group of focus on straightening out lawyers and startup of customer interaction. This is a good news, can significantly decrease the cost of legal services. Pioneer in this field including LawPal (project management tools), ViewABill (transparent billing management tool is very popular nowadays) and PlainLegal (file automation management tool). Time is money in this industry, there will be more innovative, minimize friction between lawyer and client interaction.

legal technology finally emerged, but this is only the beginning. The above mentioned three trends of the development of the legal service market, will quickly show in 2015, five years later will be how, is uncertain. Self-help legal services, market economy, and based on the process of high-tech tools, all let lawyer services become more readily available, let’s wait and see!


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