The Internet sports market will be the next gold mine

2014 witnessed in the Internet some big acquisitions in the field of household, this year we have seen on the iPhone “bend door” event trigger a war of words, the AI picture processing tools and Microsoft XiaoNa and amazon released home voice assistant hardware products Echo become public hot together; Kim kardashian can be downloaded from the app store.

however, review it over here, here is my outlook for 2015.

game market “media operations”

in the past few years, we can see that Wall Street has been the evaluation for high-growth Internet game company stock, this is because the company has a very fast game user adoption rate and the ability to earn income from core users. However, the mobile gaming industry has grown up. Those who belong to the gaming industry in the sunny days, and countless days of money, has been away from us. In 2015, the game industry will focus on execution.

with the development of game companies mature, with their traditional media companies have striking similarities. Is the same, they also pay attention to brand construction, accumulation of intellectual property rights and large-scale copyright permission. Is because the game company the focal point, the market will need to redefine the game company is: a new generation of media companies.

the United States can be seen from the east to the Asian market as the direction guidance. Japan, for example, mobile social gaming company Gumi IPO in Tokyo, and with it in multiple media businesses on the strength of the received $900 million in market value. Game companies will continue to take control of your own destiny, and began to reassess their market positioning, in order to reproduce this level of success in the United States.

small entrepreneurial firms began to integration, building common ecological

the so-called “killer application” will continue to be elusive, as more companies realize that in the early or middle stage, they can only in their respective fields to solve one or two core issues. Entrepreneurial firms began to ask ourselves, if they only have a sparkle, or whether they can hold up a real business.

in order to survive, the early or middle stage of the company will begin to unite, to provide users with more comprehensive products and services, because they know they can’t cover the user every aspect of life. There is no doubt that we will see some of market integration, but the emphasis will be benefit the end user of the joint venture and cooperative relations. Our mindset is to shift from “create or purchase” for “create or cooperation”.

this change we have seen in 2014. Uber company and company cooperation, for example, their cooperation let users come home after a DJ. Another Snapchat and Square, they launched a Snapcash transfer function. In cooperation benefit most will be those that have bright spots or good products but lack of market penetration to the public means of company. To all technology companies in the proposal: find three with their complementary startup, and then begin to discuss cooperation.

Internet sports market will be the next gold

science and technology industry to predict how no curve, it has a double meaning. More bold prediction is that the sports industry will be born under a golden boy of science and technology. I don’t mean a sports team, but a supporting platform for service providers or cater to the sports industry.

think, sports provides cover vast audience biggest opportunities, they all do the same thing at the same time. Add like Levi’s stadium on the networking stadium official demonstration and explanation. Technology companies in the aspects of hardware and software of disruptive possibilities are endless.

application in sports venues of geographical fence location technology offers plenty of opportunities for science and technology company, with a group of high quality and passion of the audience. Advertisers are they come into contact with the audience of the highest quality. You can see what they bought, what eat, where they sat, and so on. If a tech company can figure out how to improve field sports viewing experience, it will be richly rewarded.

virtual sports games market will enter a new stage of development, the industry daily competition will intensify. Like FanDuel company and Draft company will continue to expand. And like Fanatics sporting goods online retailers will leap into the threshold of the billion dollar club.

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