The greatest contribution of the Air 2: for the tablet is no longer being laughed at

hunting cloud network reported on October 22nd

in the earliest the shortly after the launch, I saw a husband at home on vacation in a bar with a BlackBerry PlayBook to his wife take pictures. People from town, are supposed to be behind The Times, but he is in the first place with the latest tablet, also when the camera to use it, and it really surprised me.

in this apple products in an age of Phil Schiller said in an interview said: “the Air 2 is the best viewfinder you combine images and video.”

apple Air 2 photography technology is reliable. It has 8 million pixels on the sensor and iPhone5s was highly praised sensor is the same, can slow motion video recording, panorama present support up to 42 million pixels. So, people have reason to laugh at the camera?

that’s right, when you see a man with a 7 to 10 inches of screen in front of his own, is can feel him sort of silly. However, there are many laughed at is come from you don’t understand of the device? Moreover, recognize the benefits of it there’s nothing wrong with apple (even if the purpose is to sell). IPhone 6 has a bigger screen, can help you better photo shoot, can also make sure that you focus on the correct objects. On a Retina display changes you take good pictures than you clip pictures on other mobile phones or tablet is much easier. With the application of picture editing more and more, on a device can realize the idea of a variety of functions has become more attractive.

many opposition expert thinks, excessive promotion use tablet, is an expression of the digital photography philistinism. However, it is once again set off a wave of reform of digital photography, and it seems to me it is also a symbol of democracy. I don’t have the training for professional photography. In high school, I was in a dark room of course, I can only put it in the university as a minor in class, in fact, most of my experience comes from practice. I am the reform beneficiaries – in the past ten years, I took my all to take things, now I can take pictures of the professional level.

when you see a man of clumsiness when you take a photo with a plate in front of you, you will feel disappointed or even an eyesore. But now, by looking from a distance of other people’s camera and see them how to operate the camera there is no point to judge others. I want to see other people I like to go through a process of trial and error, and then in sets or VSCO application to share their photographs. I want to let them know how to use the camera to capture the important moment, even if only a tablet in hand at that time. Although most people didn’t want to in the press industry, but now we all have the ability to become a journalist.

actually also is not to say that the Air is the only camera, you should use 2 or itself didn’t have a lot of problems. The base class Air 2 price is $499, the price is close to making low-end no mirror camera (such as SONY first and the second generation RX10 series camera). Basic version, of course, the Air storage space is small, if you’re a crazy photographer, so you have to pay extra in cloud storage service.

but if you compare apple computer and camera on the market, you will find that the gap between the two products in one day. Flat out of the picture quality is also in increasing at an alarming rate, there would be no reason it can’t alleviate other problems. If that means that the only remaining question is: why some people take pictures of the tablet still seemed very strange? I can say is to adapt it. Anyway, the tablet technology is increasingly mature.


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