The game host next year on life and death war: the great three-legged who will win?

Microsoft Xbox 2013 One and the PS4 release opened for the next-gen console wars. At that time, we do not recommend any immediately buy a console. If you don’t want to make a choice, we think a good game lineup and social function of the Xbox One slightly advantage. And now all the game console is no longer as the release of the initial. If 2013 was the new consoles, show that 2014 will be the host of the true potential of years. Since last year, each product have undergone a system software update, a dozen new game expands the resources. Volkswagen’s choice of them also long inspection in a constantly changing in the market. Xbox One and PS4 compete is becoming more and more fierce.

with that in mind, it is time to review the current situation of the console wars, through the facts to fix before the opinion of these two products.

device: ideal plump, reality backbone

for ordinary consumers, the Xbox One and PS4 of the war, the biggest change is the Microsoft announced the sale is not bound to access Xbox One host, straight down $100, as an equal and PS4 on price. Potential buyers will no longer be compulsory for bundled with extra 2.0 motion-sensing controller device to pay $100 (no matter how not willing to Microsoft). But it also means the Xbox One potential users face a choice: either to buy this new guy with a 3 d camera and directional microphone, or save $100 in his pocket.

to be frank with you, we will spend the $100.

don’t misunderstand, called 2.0 has its own user. Breast-feeding in those days, in the middle of the night just words can open system, watch Netflix video, for those who are busy to deal with the children’s parents, is a lifeline. Adults can happily enjoy, can take good care of the child again, really is the best of both worlds. Xbox One also introduced the “capture” of Windows 8 (Snap Mode), which can make One or more of the running application scaling to the side of the sidebar. When you want to start the game and the application, or turn off the auxiliary function, called voice commands makes it a little easier. It can also provide you with an unexpected luxury, for example, when you’re lazy or to take the remote control, can change the channel and TV by voice volume.

but the practical effect of these features make people annoyed. When using them, in order to make the system correctly identify instructions, we will hear a clear loud echoes, the so-called “to access voice”. If the system to the wrong or simply ignore your voice command, that would be much regret. In fact the situation. You have to mess to repeated his words. Also, if there are other people in the room (or sleeping baby), use the voice commands will not only disturb others, still can make you become a laughing stock.
Even if the voice control function can work perfectly, the public also difficult to agree with them is worth $100. Used to access the game hasn’t been listed, it is difficult to compensate for differences in values. As the device sport (called Sports Rivals) “and” the dancing body: dazzing focus (Dance Central: Spotlight), these will not popular game played a decisive role. Last year, developers Harmonix released their new device body feeling game “Fantasia: Music evolution (Fantasia: Music Evolved)”, should be landed in the Xbox 2014 One, as well as the Xbox 360. It is likely to be a outstanding access potential breakthrough game, but in the end no matter how brilliant, it’s just a game.

in it on the day of release, Microsoft claims that it is an indispensable part of in the Xbox One experience. It seems to want to gamble that developers will eventually body feeling to control the game by a big wave fresh stimulus to aim for greater access users. But the bundling strategy to reduce the enthusiasm of consumers, as a result, in the sale of six months later, SONY will lead to the sales of 7 million units in Microsoft’s 5 million units. To save consumers, Microsoft had to break the previous argument, announce bundling device sales. And the future of the game support seems more impossible. Of course, with $499 to access the Xbox One will continue to sell. Compared to when just released last year, now the Xbox One want to be more popular.

hardware difference is not big, the internal competition into key

exactly, at this point one thing is obvious. As the same generation game console, PS4 and Xbox One architecture is similar, but SONY has better hardware design ability, let the PS4 has a slight advantage in terms of performance. PS4 adopted better DDR5 memory and GCN shows the core, in the current main advantage is to support higher resolution images. Such as like the call of duty: the ghost of a cross-platform game, PS4 support full 1080 p hd output, and the Xbox One is only 720 p, 900 p. PS4 has maximum resolution of 1280 x800 pixels (2), can capture images of 60 frames. And the Xbox One of 30 FPS.
The difference does not reflect on the each a cross-platform game, but also enough to show that developers are more likely to provide quality for SONY better games. The recent Xbox One updates allow developers not to consider it, so that to gain 10% improvement in performance of GPU, but this seems unlikely to change completely make up the shortfall.

about how important these graphics differences of visual has different feelings. There are a lot of contrast video can show when you personally standing by when watch them, the effect of the two systems presented to more clearly. When you watch, it is better to sit far away from the computer screen, so it can simulate about when you sit on a sofa on the scene when the game, how much you can feel the difference. Can then decide whether to stand with the Xbox One to play games.

to be honest, we still believe that the resolution and frame rate difference is not so important in the competition. Light and shadow in the game more, particle effects, 3 d model details, running on the Xbox One cross-platform game can let a person satisfied. Because of the low resolution, the edge of the object is a little fuzzy, and enlarged can make the color a little dim. Given that, it’s hard to go to debate what Xbox One of the best exclusive game look significantly worse than PS4. We believe that SONY and Microsoft determinants of a new generation of console wars instead of hardware game, who can introduce more good games and high quality services, who can gain more player’s heart. That is to say, both close on hardware specifications, if you have to find a reason, who is winning and losing the PS4 with continuous improvement of technical loyalty may obtain a draw.

close, the outcome is far from out

at the beginning of the release, the Xbox One exclusive game powerful lineup is it ahead of the main factors in the supremacy in game consoles. And enter into the second stage of the holiday season, Microsoft still keep this advantage on AAA games, but as if running a little behind in terms of monopoly game.

to be clear, in this generation of game consoles, there seems to be more cross-platform development than ever before. Two games on the platform of the most famous games from third-party publishers, thus PS4 and Xbox One version of the game is harder to distinguish, both games library will reach 70% 80% overlap in the future.

so, these exclusive game platforms: what are some of the interesting game? To be honest, not many. Xbox on One of the titans fall (Titanfall) is a worth everyone to try the latest shooting games, multiplayer mode but it still doesn’t make other types of players have long-term obsession. And PS4 only AAA exclusive game is the Infamous: illegitimate child (Infamous: Second Son) “, the protagonist has some new powers, including the teleport and launch a ball of fire. The game itself is very good, but can also increase the burden of sales can’t hold up alone.

in the upcoming holiday season, the two big game platform game library difference will be widened. Xbox One provides an open shooter “Sunset Overdrive” platform, solve the puzzle game “the day and the dark Forest (Ori and the Blind Forest), and make your own game world” Project Spark “, as well as the previously mentioned “fantasia: music evolution”. PS4 game in the open can make your own level of the small planet 3 (3) LittleBigPlanet and delayed release of racing game “(Driveclub) driving club”. We will have to wait for review code to know how the game will finish, but from the demonstration on open, no game can make oneself of the platform.

if you really want to point out that the Xbox One and PS4 AAA level difference between the book, you will have to wait for 2015 and beyond. PS4 is launching a series of different action adventure game set The background: “mission: 1886 (in The Order: 1886)”, “mysterious four (4) Uncharted sea”, “The blood curse (Bloodborne)” and “Let It Die, Let It Die). Microsoft is not to be outdone: “in addition to suddenly and violently x-men 3 (3) has” and “Tomb Raider: Rise (Rise of the Tomb Raider)”, “halo 5: the guardian (Halo5: Guardians)” and “war machine”, and “the Quantum broken (Quantum Break)” and “the immortality of the D4: Dark dream (D4: Dark Dreams Don ‘t Die)”. But as far as it goes, with these new games, SONY and Microsoft who can win is not to make any conclusions.

SONY independent games become one of the decisive factor

in Microsoft underway to launch a number of big monopoly game, SONY has also begun to through their own game to be launched their own brand. SONY’s independent games both species and quantity are impressive, such as the action adventure survival game “famine (Don ‘t Starve), aesthetic decryption masterpiece” did Not choose the Road (Road Not seems, challenging the upgrade of customs clearance games the thief heritage (Rogue Legacy), the Hohokum, free painting creative games, there are odd shocking and difficult to control the Surgeon (Surgeon Simulator) “, “octopus dads: deadly capture Octodad: Dadliest (Catch)”, “Sportsfriends”, the Miami Hotline Hotline (Miami), etc.

at the same Time, in a recent Xbox One more fire is a transverse shooting game on the chrono team (Super Time Force), the game has not landed on PS4. Before the proposed PS4 independent games may not meet everyone’s appetite. If you have a good PC game, can play to most of the game. And some games will eventually even in limited time period after the exclusivity on Xbox One platform. So far, however, in view of the two platforms of AAA games are so little, PS4 on these fine placard make difference effect brought by the still nots allow to ignore.

to their credit, Microsoft is struggling to keep up. Developers conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced the ID of the @ Xbox projects that over the next few months, 25 independent game will land before the PS4 Xbox One. Including a spoof explore game “simulation (Goat Goat Simulator)”, racing platform “fast runner (SpeedRunners)”, the bullet time setting shooter game SuperHot, cooperation “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime” cartoons, inspiration work “Cuphead” and the subject of underground cavern “Below”.

SONY will own independent games are extended to the future. Including: abuse of platform action game N++, bunker crawling double players cooperation through The combination of Isaac: Rebirth, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth) “, easy-to-use fencing game hogwarts, (Nidhogg) and shooters “shi spear (Samurai Gunn)”, The universe shooter Galak – Z, algorithm to generate The virtual universe “No deep space (No Man ‘s Sky), science fiction adventure theme” Axiom Verge “, Jonathan Blow adventure puzzle game “The Witness”.

as the third-party publishers on multiple platforms in big games, this kind of independent games is becoming the decisive factor in the game platform to highlight their special.

dead in the survival of nintendo

SONY and Microsoft has introduced PS4 and Xbox one, began the next generation console wars, and the Wii U obviously didn’t win honor for nintendo, the situation of the three pillars of the end. There are many reasons — clearly positioning, and a relative lack of capacity, and early sales are sluggish led to most of the famous third party game, the lack of vendor support, the Wii U never get general recognition of the consumers. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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