The Galaxy S5 inventory backlog, however, samsung mobile leader to step down

(/horse relief yi wen)

from the Wall Street journal reported that today, samsung electronics was approaching a huge personnel change – samsung mobile, President and CEO ShenZong all will no longer as samsung mobile top leader position. The reorganization to samsung in the past half year bad mobile performance.

the ShenZong all replacement for samsung electronics b.k., another joint CEO Yoon, before the person in charge of samsung home appliances and intelligent family business (Internet). However, due to samsung mobile revenue contribution to the company, the same as performing CEO position, annual salary of $3.3 million, Yoon is only ShenZong one-third of all.

samsung insiders disclosed that at present the change has not been decided. But given the samsung now of the old and new alternate, a period of time, the internal high-level reorganization reaction and directly affect the future development trend of samsung electronics, and even the entire company.

it is important to note that anonymous sources, the Galaxy S5 in the first six months, release inventory backlog, however, the company’s internal morale. However, the Galaxy S5 produced 20% more than S4, so now, samsung had to spend a lot of money to promote the sale of S5.

in addition, be familiar with samsung Europe the sources of the branch, in the future, samsung to personnel downsizing and consolidation.

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