The former star to die? Social electricity Fancy price tag of $1 billion for the buyer

(/horse relief yi wen)

one of socialization as a pioneer in the field of electricity, the former star Fancy is likely to fall. , because I couldn’t find investors, Fancy is now ready for $1 billion, looking to sell. In the previous round of funding, Fancy at $1.2 billion.

is a photo collection class service, allows users to post, tweet, and like to share interesting picture. Users can buy directly in Fancy those like the picture shown. Fancy goods sold in the general is DIY handmade, luxury fashion, and so on.

revealed that, the biggest potential buyers Fancy seems to eBay. Last year, Fancy in a $53 million valuation of $600 million in financing. Fancy after months of has been actively seeking new financing, and obtain a higher valuation. But unfortunately, the sources said, this behavior has not been approached the buyer approval.

it’s interesting that earlier reports pointed out that the apple CEO cook seems to Fancy expressed great interest.

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