The five core elements of building successful the raise project

author introduction: sandeep · baitullah mehsud is based in Oakland, California Monsoon + RainFactory, founder of the company is responsible for market promotion and marketing consulting company, main business is to design concept, product development and marketing of mobile devices and network applications.

you have seen Indiegogo or Kickstarter? Once investment on this kind of website? What is the investment project? Why would anyone buy those not yet launched may never even listed products? Raise doesn’t seem on the surface, the common sense, raise the economists think that the phenomenon is surprising, if you agree with economists point of view, and that the raise is impossible. But reality is just on the contrary, the raise is very popular in modern society, and those who know the secret to raise the people always can get considerable income.

raise so why the fire?

there is no sufficient knowledge of economics or able to explain this phenomenon from the perspective of consumption rationalization, but this does not mean that it is an unsolved mystery, I have witnessed the raise success for many times, will tend to be some hunch is feasible project, so we can’t explain logically and should turn to behavioral psychology. We must understand the raise will fire because it has become from hardware products to the venture investment, such as the driving force of everything. When you can find out those economists to ask questions, you can go on to the raise on the way of success.

and raising funds from bank loans and mortgages property to realize your crazy idea, entrepreneurs is entering a new world — through contacts and ideas to make money. As long as the churning out feasible prototype product, do not need to give up anything, they will also begin to you from the first day of the birth of the money. A promissory note, do not need to inventory, do not need to what all don’t need to.

these entrepreneurs supporters also know this fact, only to rely on the choice of the buy a video and a few photos that may never opportunities listed products, is this why? They really so eager to pay packages for those entrepreneurs, even take the risk? Or just because some people grow very cool seems has a lot of fun to live? Maybe.

I have been look at all these behavior, raise what makes these people choose some of these projects rather than the other? Like the New York times said, it is not just about altruism and the mechanism of supply and demand of irrational reciprocal economic principles, this is a kind of emotional thing, and it play a role in the raise beyond the logic.

the first is love. Supporters are very thirst for some items, they are willing to do anything for the realization of the product. On Indiegogo or Kickstarter online, when a man saw something he loves, and he put forward the reliable man, so no matter how much risk the risk he will accept the proposal. Even if not immediately experience the product it doesn’t matter, because love is worth waiting for.

the next is to support the raise activity is, in essence, experience the fun of the process, it was a great influence, can give supporters a creative way, even if only indirect can resonate. As long as give a little surprise (9 months after the email will appear in the product related notice), they will feel is not just “buy material”, but an important part of the whole process. After survey process of “buy” more than “buy material” can let the human satisfaction.

if you want to take advantage in the competition, that is the heart in the whole process, will love pumped in, give yourself a chance to leave a mark in the world. It’s not like economics, but should make these emotional impulse to guide you to design decisions, such as what to design products, how much is the number of the production should be and how to price and so on. If you do not make people feel the feelings agree or have creativity, you of all the projects can raise the likelihood of a little.

the raise five factors in the success of the project

this is a project sponsor challenge: you will meet your competition will be more and more, some companies will test a similar new products, venture investors to the proving ground before raising activity as their investment. I’m not saying that this activity is no longer suitable for grassroots, but now there are sending little wan sundance (sundance film festival is designed for not famous filmmakers and film festival) light cover a more stylish, more large activities. Here is in the raising of new age comes, we should consider the five things:

story, story, or

a similar Indiegogo or Kickstarter platform is designed to tell a story, anyone can sell products from the shelves. When haven’t produced, how many products can do sales thousands? Only those who catch the products of our imagination, to the public is willing to “take the same boat” with you. Your ideas come from? How will it change human life?

JIBO robot was born in a tired to grope for science and technology of the family, and if you use the Tile (an intelligent tracking devices) chip to track the lost things, you will have the opportunity to get a bigger surprise, such as find items at the same time also found her mr.right. The story of a chord can let no garage sell its itself value 50 times the price. Why not take advantage of the story?


each all the way to raise project tells his story is the same, the key lies in how you use them to produce different effect, I think the following these can let you to get twice the result with half the effort.

video producers. People are often the first to do is to see your video, my advice is: to find some five-star professional team, they know how to motivate people emotional resonance and perfect packaging. It is difficult to know comments yourself, and be good at it is harder. Can consult those with Video won the attention of professional bodies, such as Sandwich Video (launch Coin) and Feedback LLC (Tile).

pr activities. Public relations to be able to launch product movement to get as big as the Houston rockets explode, find time to make a suitable person to talk about your product. Flow from the raised platform itself in a successful project revenue accounted for less than 10%, so you must be a different approach, looking for other way to promote. Can refer to Inner CircleLabs (launch Jibo), JumpStarter PR or BAM Communications, PR company, focus on innovation.

marketing agencies. Looking for a understand market present situation of science and technology and know how to design and develop a compelling web and mobile devices have related experience marketing team, such as a Wareness. IO, Agency20 these institutions focus only on the raise. Would you want them to promote and manage your sales channels, but they should also be more considering the user experience of the product and the establishment of a raise project as the center of the site.

feasible enough advertising budget

at least $50000 in start-up capital, not so much grassroots does not necessarily will fail, but will be able to continue to develop the possibility is very small. Let people from emotional investment to you there is a big risk, but you must be as a starting point. And advertising is the only way to make your project alive and looks feasible way. Those are other people appetite, attract attention. So will the cost of the ads included in the budget, if you are raising money, then at least to raise so much.

before the plan to spend the $50000 market to be well prepared. Clear for every new user needs where, how much will this base times ten again desperately feasibility of investigation and inspection, which is then multiplied by 1000, 10000 or even 100000, channels can test a variety of media and advertising channels. If your product is very reliable and always keep a diligent attitude, then one day you on each user input for long-term benefits. Hear the sound of ding ding ding? This is the voice of your individual perpetual make money machine made. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to that.

will raise as the store

if you have not yet fully understand at present, I can tell you all don’t simply will raise activities as “activity”. This is a new way to push products into the market, don’t put all the Kickstarter or Indiegogo raise activity as always the symbol of the end, but rather it as your non entity stores and e-commerce engine. Will the raised platform as the tool of receiving payment and control effect of story, and in addition to the working platform, also need to have their own web sites. Even if you’re using Kickstarter or Indiegogo this platform, you can also set up a website to sell their products.

when you raise activity of the end, your team should be ready to do some changes, the project really become a “shop”. Don’t waste any resource, the project is not a raise bet like moon: it is just the beginning of everything.

as I said before, everyone is the same as available resources, but in a former have not tried to change the way that the use of resources. Exaggerate those who can make you truly unique. And gambling related products? Maybe you can let people discover their own potential, to make new contributions. And related tools to lose weight? May help people lose weight number is the number of you to raise money. Don’t cry because it is show the different place of criticism was afraid.

will now product development and accumulated customer base is possible at the same time, we just to realize the effects of this activity, can bring a design era of pioneering prototype in the garage, we could also keep practicing story of entrepreneurship to millions of customers, get to know what is more let investors likes or dislikes.

this is our now product development and accumulation of the user’s main method, believe to join the army of the raise in the future will be more and more people.


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