The first step on the road to offline millet announced the dealer list

hunting cloud network October 16 (word/water Yan)

by successive scalpers scandals of millet, recently began to emit multiple messages to cite his innocence. First the good news: to reveal the second quarter, “how much per mu” millet “satellite without white”, that is not important, the important thing is a “seventy percent from the line”, cleverly responded to scalpers scandal.

of course, most users chose don’t believe that, in accordance with the millet formula, after a “lie” that is something to really “dry”, then open to buy the red rice series. Conveniently and sincere in millet BBS on official for everyone.

this is millet admitted for the first time, millet has remove millet channels of other third party outside the mall. The official statement is currently millet, millet mobile phone in the past have never put the goods to the third party distributors. However, the website also in snapping up millet hand ring impressively in the dealer’s sales in the list.

a total of 40 distributors, five of which B2C platform for jingdong, suning, other 35 for Tmall flagship store. The number astonishing neatly, microblogging V, KOL, millet community chief operating officer “big li3” tweeting, the follow-up data will be updated in real time.

xiao yun just click on a day cat called millet ChengShiLing da store shops, stores open a look at the original is millet, looks like the boss of the shop with millet is not shallow, bracelets millet, millet, millet, router mobile power supply, tablet, TV, portable wifi, millet headphones and other accessories, in addition to mobile phones.

of course, the third party distributors, floating pricing strategy. Is still in snapping up the millet bracelet from the start, the highest close to 130 price, fell to the lowest 90 now, and about 79 of the original pricing. Of course different color strap price is higher.

just, your website is still in snapping up, why to let them sell premium supply us here?

and millet, an official said millet did not supply to any third party channel millet mobile phone products, but the light emitted by millet authorized store is more than one sell millet mobile phone.

millet given official dealer’s son for digital stores Tmall store screenshots. The price have cut case for nearly two days.

more dealers, su ning,, music is famous for offline electronic chain stores, many of them Tmall flagship stores are large offline electronic stores, since in their online sales, and the less than their own stores?

is whether this represents a millet to offline? , red rice and millet mobile phone contract with telecom operators machine from 1 times has already started, and telecom operators but, hush offline store.

have to mention is that the latest flagship millet rice four lowest contract machine is mobile, reached 1999 yuan, don’t change number 17 months to return only 999 yuan of money on a regular basis, the contract price poised to samsung, apple’s flagship machine’s contract price. 4 meters in snapping up yet.

millet mobile phone offline sales accounted for how many, there is no a third-party objective survey data, we don’t know. But from millet began to let go, all the products in addition to the mobile phone began to empower distributor, and even the millet bracelets are snapping up, millet sales channels do have intention to turn off.

cloud network hunting had already done on millet channel analysis, interested readers can walk.

after millet to entirely transferred to the offline channel also is not entirely impossible, millet each channel have ready, when the flood of time – millet to preempt the TV, forced to exchange with millet mobile phone distribution and offline stores. Millet to do so is right, it’s smart to!

anyway, millet clever forever, just like chairman MAO is always right, users have to do is remember these.

each entrepreneurs to seriously consider:

millet proud, supporting their attractive myth “the Internet model” what happened to the on-line channel? Millet: why do you want to have offline stores online shop cooperation with so many?

what Internet mode? Utility really so magical? Perhaps the Internet mode is only used in the traditional industry, Internet tools down with the tide of capital markets to optimistic about the Internet industry.

maybe, the future after everything is clear, we found that “the Internet model” is just a joke.

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