The first nest panel PC: samsung qu bing technologies into more product line

when it comes to qu bing, we are familiar with, samsung and LG are used in mobile phones and TV screen. More recently, however, samsung applying this technology to product line, the Curved surface screen is installed on the desktop all-in-one Ativ 7 on the Curved One, move move is very.

although compared with apple iMac models with the size of the retina screen, samsung Ativ One 7 of the Curved surface screen resolution is not high, but as a Windows machine, it is equipped with a slightly bent 27 inches 1920 x1080px screen, enough to have a unique perspective for the user and vivid colors. When a user sitting in front of a curved surface screen computer, find out the radian of bring a new feeling, using the optimal curvature samsung 4000 r, let the user see the screen is bigger than the actual, at the same time reduce the screen sense of vertigo.

at first glance, qu bing seems to be the Ativ One 7 Curved the only bright spot in the design. But after scan can discover, this machine is also equipped with a metal frame and curved back shell, as well as the frontier of dust fingerprint magnet absorption design, to ensure that the overall visual perception. Its silver curved bracket also USES the metal ornament, and built a 10 w speakers, support APT – X “lossless audio transmission”.

in addition, samsung Ativ One 7 Curved configured the Intel core i5 processors and 8 gb of memory, though not top configuration, but for playing games, watching movies, enough to meet their needs. Due to the proprietary graphics card is not installed, so I may disappoint gamers. But samsung design Ativ 7 Curved One’s original intention is not here, but is aimed mostly at home. At the same time, its built-in 1 TB HDD storage, the back of the computer provides a common I/O ports, such as USB 2.0 and see. Software, Ativ One 7 Curved used Windows 8.1 operating system, and with the SideSync 3.0 software, convenient for the user on the PC to send and receive text messages, or answer the call, but need to matching with samsung’s smartphone to use. Standard edition Ativ 7 Curved One sells for $1299, samsung plans on sale in the first quarter of 2015.


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