The first Microsoft: the company introduction for $130, the Asian market

(/horse relief yi wen)

Microsoft has just released the first Microsoft the company mobile phone, the company 535. This is one of main Asian markets low-end phones, priced at $130.

Microsoft the company continued the nokia 535 the design style of the company, though, and the company 530 as low-end smartphone market, but the promotion in the configuration.

at the moment we knew little about the company 535’s specific configuration details: 5 inch screen, 960 x 540 resolution; 1.2 Ghz quad core processor; 1 gb of RAM; Pre – 5 million pixels wide Angle camera; With single and double card double stay two options.

in addition, the company 535 publicity bright spot on a series of free services: Microsoft Skype, Office, OneDrive, Cortana, OneNote. Obviously with increase of hardware configuration, the future low-end WP users can also experience the Microsoft to provide the best service. This before and the lower end of the company mobile phone is not the same, with Google’s Android One pretty similar strategies.

the foreign media reports, this year we could only see such a low-end Microsoft the company phone.

it is understood that the company will take the lead in log in Asia market, the future will also extend to Russia, the Middle East and other places. However, given China’s new mobile phone producers in recent years, such as millet. And android One plan of expanding in southeast Asia, cloud network editor jun is hunting for the Microsoft the company phone calls. Of course, we sincerely look forward to the future bring us more Microsoft main high-end Microsoft smartphone the company series.

cloud network editor jun will continue to hunt for this kind of mobile phone related information to report on, stay tuned…

Update 1:535 the company has five colors optional: white, green, blue, black, orange.

Update 2: media reports the company of 535 other configuration details are as follows:

use Xiao dragon 200 quad-core processors; The fuselage 4 gb storage, the highest support extended to 128 gb; Only can record 848 x 480 resolution video; The rear camera and a front-facing camera, is 5 million pixels; 1905 ma batteries, long standby time can be up to 23 days; Support intelligent bluetooth; Does not support LTE network connection.

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