The Facebook social anonymous application: it is no longer insist on real name

on October 8, the New York times quoted sources as saying that the Facebook is developing an individual mobile applications, users don’t have to use your real name in the process of interaction.

this app is expected to be released in a few weeks later. The move reflects the Facebook an experimental treatment of the identity of the users of different practices. Facebook’s main web site is to establish a way of personal identity on the Internet, to help users in the online and offline contacts with friends and family.

on the issue of the real-name system, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox (Chris Cox) said recently that the system is one of the reasons why Facebook apart, and the rest of the Internet are often filled with fake identity, anonymous and random name wait for a phenomenon.

Facebook’s main web site will continue to adhere to this practice, and the site has attracted more than 1 billion users. However, the new application development show that Facebook is willing to explore other options.

Facebook product manager Josh Miller (Josh Miller) led the development of the application. On Facebook to buy startups in the process of the Branch, miller join Facebook. Branch of small group discussion focused on Internet. According to sources, since last year, miller and his team in the development of this product.

sources said Facebook development lies in the purpose of this app, help the user to use a variety of pseudonyms openly discuss various topics via the Internet. While discussing certain topics, many users are not willing to use their real names.

a Facebook spokesman said, will not comment on rumors or speculation. Miller himself was reluctant to comment.

it is not clear, so that the application will interact with Facebook website, whether the application allow anonymous share photos, and “friend” how to set up in the application. (d)

source: sina science and technology

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