The evolution of the android, ecological still deformity

on September 5, hunting cloud network (word/Arlene editor/water Yan)

in the first quarter of 2011, Android in the global market share for the first time more than symbian, become the world’s first.

September 24, 2013, Android ushered in the 5 years old birthday, number of devices using this system all over the world has reached 1 billion units.

the first quarter of 2014, the Android platform has accounted for 42.8% of all mobile advertising traffic sources, for the first time beyond the iOS.

from 08 on September 23, the first android smartphone HTC Dream, to today has been in the past six years. Android quickly in the six years rise speed of tongue, and the pioneer of smartphones – Microsoft, blackberry, blame far flung it back, even to the point of dying. Google android exactly how to do this?

free and open source. when apple iPhone subversive, all mobile phone maker, was unprecedented pressure, Google’s Android open source system made by the operating system, the high technical threshold of shanzhai manufacturers also need not distress for Microsoft’s licensing fees, no longer for nokia on high and low, all of a sudden everyone on a platform competition. Android instantly became a magnet, let many mobile phone manufacturers.

pay attention to the android ecosystem. from android 1.0, Google has joined the application of market function, early introduced a developer platform, facilitate the development the android application developers, and application of distribution.

diversified development. many mobile phone manufacturers to produce a wide variety of android models, whether it’s texture, screen size, high low, to find, to satisfy the different market demand. Expanded the boundary of the software market, make up the application of ecology.

taking advantage on IOS platform. IOS perfect operational experience and good application of ecology, the high quality developer platform, excellent hardware get enough users for its market, and the application of good ecological and developer platform attracts a lot of application developers for its development and application, the perfect model. And relatively comprehensive behind android will completely follow the IOS developer platform model, presents a similar interface design, API, this greatly reduces the developers will shift the IOS application to the complexity of the android platform, makes the IOS developers are willing to develop adaptation for android. Early so as to complete the android platform application of accumulation, to satisfy the user experience, user market recognition.

but despite its success, but to take market open source, can be customized, high suitability of decisions, make their own platform, market ecological appear chaotic, and the delicate relationship with mobile phone manufacturers also make android ecological experience more deformed.

for each mobile phone manufacturer, every mobile phone maker, although adopted unified operation platform, but each other is the competition. They are unable to completely get rid of the influence of operating system provider Google, are trying to create your own custom system, even through a variety of ways to get the android ecosystem to benefit their own direction.

each handset makers to show their own custom system feature, and on these grounds of the underlying API changes, more or less to developers turn into their ecological .

each vendor management situation, operating conditions and adopt different strategy, supply chain, in the face of the target market is also different, thus different hardware configuration, system version of powers.

Google’s market strategy, the characteristics of the android make android phones have large share in the low-end market, low-end users only need the mobile phone function enough, there is no requirement to platform experience, weakening the vitality of platform .

according to research Application’s latest data, the android accounted for 85% of the smartphone market shipments, iOS is only 11.9%. In terms of usage, however, the two sides share is about the same, the android accounted for 44.62%, ios accounted for 44.19%.

although android market share is high, but most of them are using the old version system, low activity of low-end machine, contribution to the android ecosystem and don’t have much.

outfits, pirated APP store, dark buckle fee APP run rampant, almost unable to establish a good application of ecology, especially to pay ecological destruction, the developers of steam. These concentrated application developers adaptation problems, have power problem, also have the problem of difficult .

under the same operating system version of the mobile phone hardware configuration, screen size, interface style, even the UI symbols are different. Instead bring symbiotic effect, each other has hampered by each other, isolated, it is difficult to let the consumer feel under the same system integrity, and consumers are not clear themselves to buy even which version of the Android operating system, or a different version of the Android what differ with each other? In contrast, its rival apple, only a year to launch a mobile phone, but its harmony with the hardware and software, concise and delicate design will bring using apple users between highly unified identity.

ecological deformity is Google android at first in order to develop the market, to make up the lack of technology. Google predictions about this from the start, and took various technical legal means to regulate. For example the new API is packaged into third party vendors can’t move Google GMS service, to limit the other vendors to the underlying changes; Put more and more service in their application and the cloud, launch low-end phone standard design – the Android one, to control the mobile phone manufacturer, reduce the Android fragmentation and the influence of fragmentation.

but for now, just keep the “dominance of Google” the basic bottom line, the pain of the deformation of the android ecosystem for developers still no substantive change, in the new closed strategy of smart watches, cars, TV version of the android system, driven by the android ecosystem’s future is unclear.

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