The end of an era, nokia CEO said never to make mobile phones

according to sina science and technology on November 15th morning news

nokia CEO Rajeev Suri (Rajeev thought) in London this week, an analyst at the meeting pointed out that nokia’s future focus will be the network equipment business department, Here the map business and technology. In addition, nokia will not restart the mobile phone business.

suri, said in the past a few years after the transformation of “difficult” period, nokia is “get rid of the landslide situation for a long time, have since the first year-on-year increase of 2011”.

nokia now expects, its main business will grow. The growth of power from the network equipment business in the first place. Suri, said the growth rate of network equipment business will be slightly faster than the market average, and at present the market leader in including nokia, huawei and Ericsson. Although network equipment market competition is declining, but suri is expected, the competitive level does not drop, will be more positive and small manufacturers, IT companies have to enter the market.

suri is pointed out that the operators of emerging network technologies such as 4 g spending is make up for the traditional network equipment business downturn. Despite the insiders expect, 5 g technology the fastest will be launched in the past four years, but in the foreseeable future, 4 g will still be the main part of the operator infrastructure spending.

suri also said: “the technical changes will not be as fast as people imagine. In years, 4 g and 5 g technology, including the network coverage and connectivity.” 4 g, he thought, spending will account for 80% of infrastructure spending over the next few years operators.

nokia hope at present, the development of the Internet of things will bring help to network equipment business, and by 2025 there will be 50 billion connected devices around the world. Suri, said: “we are exploring huge opportunities in the Internet of things, including the analysis and the connection of the machine to machine.”

nokia network department focus on other emerging technologies including 5 g, radio frequency (rf) access network based on cloud computing architectures, smart antenna and micro base station. Suri, said: “I always said, when the market to be prepared for the micro base station, we will be ready. Now the time has come.”

in addition, similar to many previous hardware company, nokia is trying to use services to reverse the trend of revenue landslide, including system integration, network planning and optimization, and management services.

suri, said network equipment business for the past few years experience, including the use of the concept of “continuous improvement” and the optimization of operational efficiency, also will be used to map business Here. In the past few years growth and maintain the profit and loss balance state, nokia is expected to begin to grow the business.

suri is also said that nokia is research similar to expand the business field. For Here the map business, this means that the existing enterprise auto products have been added to the team and intelligent asset management. “The current business is only a small part of our business, but the business achieved good growth, and has a long-term potential.” the field of consumer map, nokia does not directly challenge Google and other major rivals, but rely on partners, such as yahoo, Microsoft and amazon through B2B2C strategy offers products to consumers.

about the technology business, including patent and authorization, suri is more cautious. He said that nokia will be further explore in this field, then to determine whether and when to new technology research and development work with authorization.

for technical operations, authorized cooperation will be a priority, and with the authorization of the current agreement will expire, nokia plans to improve patent licensing fees. Nokia has signed agreements with several large manufacturers, the suri said that nokia will start with small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers, and the mobile phone manufacturers, such as set-top boxes and digital camera manufacturers cooperation talks.

there are rumours that recently, the equipment and services after sale to Microsoft, nokia is likely to return to mobile phone business in the future. Suri is the denied the rumors. He said: “in fact, we don’t directly back to the consumer mobile phone market.” But he also pointed out that in the long run, nokia will make through authorized cooperation nokia brand to return to the consumer market.

he said: “the nokia brand is still very strong, we have seen a lot of people interested in the authorized cooperation. We will be thoughtful way of seeking such an opportunity.” (the more the high)


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