The efficiency of technology startups toolkit

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how to keep the efficiency, not only is a personal challenge, it is also important for an organization or company, which is closely related to the flow of information and communication. In science and technology start-ups, the efficiency will become more deadly, because these companies are usually run very fast, but also often face great pressure (product release date, for example, capital operation, etc.).

so, this needs in a startup company among all members to maintain a high level of consistency, to ensure that the product adapt to market, later run smoothly, and the company’s overall transparency.

a year of business trip, we had a lot to learn the excellent product, in this case, we would like to experience and we think this year is very worthy of using tools to share with you.

before we start, we must first clear time of the typical technology start-ups demand: basically, there are four general requirements:
Internal team and communicate with external demand;
To track and coordinate the needs of the work process and task;
Enhance collaboration efficiency requirements;
Flat and enough transparency.
The Toolbox for Tech Startup

well, I admit, is going to be Slack various diao critical days of news recently refresh. But the pursuit of perfection, simple simply meet the demand of human communication of Slack is so attractive. You can tell your team members in the Slack and efficient internal communication, can also share to team members and members of files, documents. You can create some based on the amount of work you need to discuss various topics and tasks, can also have a special topic content, such as party, development, design, and so on. In addition to these, Slack integration with Twitter, Zendesk, Crashlytics and Heroku, etc, will they notice remind, Bug tracking data into the flow of information within the company. Make the whole company’s internal communication only focus on work-related information flow, greatly improve the communication efficiency. As the Slack Slogan: Be less busy!

Dropbox in storage aspects show the charm of needless to say (to Tech Startup, completely is not a problem ok) by wall hundreds of millions of users around the world are using Dropbox, this can let us in computer, mobile phone, tablet, or even synchronization, backup or share files on the server information. File management and sharing has the most obvious performance in team efficiency, version control, file search will not become a stumbling block.

Worktile, I worked as an intern remote is a technology start-up, is geared to the needs of small and medium-sized team collaboration tools. Advocated by task driven to connect team things and things, in the process of project in the implementation of the people and things, people and people. In the process of practice, the task allocation and coordination between us is done on the Worktile. In Worktile, you can create different projects according to the different departments of the company, such as “the bartender” operations, helpless painful development department, etc. Thanks to Worktile see plate task list and different level permissions management mechanism. After the team recently for CBC broadband tens of millions of yuan A round of investment capital.

it seems to me is a prefer to personal use of tools, a lot of people are paying customers of it in our team, is mainly responsible for the management of some private diaries and records some inspiration, cow force on the products, the company is the ultimate pursuit of us as a user real feeling! I first used the company was in 2012, when the company has announced that space and free to all users with the most basic function. But on the whole platform to support the company, I generally use the Web version, because for me, when I use the company does not edit diary, useless on a lot of the company on the tall WeChat push function, so I am too lazy to PC under basic, directly used on the Web is perfect.

ProcessOn is currently doing better online mapping collaboration platform. In the process of entrepreneurship, hard to avoid can have some charts, like flow chart, the chart type of Roadmap, since our focus is on the product, so I recommend to you ProcessOn, it can quickly create what you want all kinds of figure. Also, ProcessOn draw support collaboration, you can talk with your friends while drawing, and communication. It’s not like we advocate the idea of it? Ha ha.

figure baidu brain function is not many, but enough for daily use, I usually work in summarizing and sorting out the code when use it. Have advantages: support drag and drop everywhere, cloud storage, do not take up disk space, a key to share with your friend, you can even import baidu Doc file… And one of the most great function is baidu maps support multiple format file, you can either to out into “. Xmind “format, also can be exported into.” mm “format, also can be exported into”. Km “format… Such thinking mind maps can be derived in your PC client perfect in the editor, if you need it.

I just silently will share the link to you. This tool has a lot of, but still recommend this first, interface simple, support drag and drop files directly upload, etc., all kinds of user experience is very good, you can “PDF to Word”, can also turn to Excel, turn to the Text, etc. You don’t need to install any Adobe Acrobat XI Pro or similar software, the file directly into the web page can witness the miracle. Yeah ~ ~ ~

infogr. Am is a very powerful data visualization platform, this is my eldest brother @ ozawa Ma Jun recommend tools, you can create a variety of forms, including common round pie chart, bar chart, histogram and some cool condole fry day information chart (a total of 14). Still worry about data visualization? The small white don’t understand the D3. Js? Don’t be afraid, you now just need to register a infogr. J am account can points minutes to create all sorts of bright blind data chart. It is not for some product manager a hanging open tool? But… It is not free, you may need to make a few dollars a month.

say so many production tools, finally share a let you relax website: Defonic, I usually in the tired at work or sometimes directly put the background music while writing. nullnullnullnullnull

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