The donkey mother financing of up to 300 million yuan Founder said blind spending is the beginning of the disaster

hunting cloud network October 16 message

founder of online travel sites donkey mother HongQingHua internal mail, announced recently financing the first 300 million yuan of money has to account.

the ass mother travel network was founded in 2008, is China’s leading new B2C tourism e-commerce sites, one of China’s leading self-service hot money – and booking platforms. Its inception, the ass mother Tours to service positioning in the market, after several years development, has formed with discounted tickets, free line, resort hotels as the main body, both join the swim team, long-distance travel, outbound travel, travel deals, such as business, for tourists travel to provide one-stop travel services, eventually into a featured with “self-help travel” as the core for integrated tourism website.

the ass mother travel network was founded in 2008 as the angel investment. In September 2009, the ass mother complete tens of millions of yuan A round of funding. In November 2010, the ass mother get sequoia capital and CDH venture B round of the one hundred million yuan capital injection. In September 2011, the ass mother complete C round of financing, the investor for jiangnan with sequoia capital. In 2013 the ass mother received linear capital investment.

the following is an internal email full text:

All JingYu people:

I want to tell everyone a good news: the donkey mother in recent months In developing the business side, the side in contact with capital, financing the first 300 million yuan recently has to account. Tried to downplay don’t specifically to write to you, because in the capital have a little fever today, financing nothing worth showing off. Fierce competition in the market, you can do nothing without money, but money isn’t everything. Silly big thick to spend money, may be the start of the disaster to the enterprise, only around corporate vision and the ultimate goal to spend money, will finally realize our dreams. We will all the money into the product innovation, user experience improvement, to achieve by mobile terminal. We firmly believe that tourism will return to the nature of the business, as users and visitors to provide the most value of the service company will get the best returns. Current craze of price war, black pr just noises in the tourism fast development stage. We urgent to grasp tourism transformation and rapid development trend will bring huge opportunities and everybody industry dynamics and development trends in research, be sure to identify trends and polish your eyes big noise, many seemingly objective and just behind the research reports and industry data, there may be some orders and hands and feet, including some well-known media, the media published articles, there are some deeper involvement of enterprises and the operation of the trace, not to mention those reported problem can be seen at a glance. Only the voice of the users and visitors is credible. We want to put all the energy on our users and guests. So we’re going to do a somebody loves company, not only with users and customers love, more love.

in the era of mobile Internet, is far from enough just to do customer satisfaction products, we also give the user create surprise and moved, any business without the user’s love, we have no future. Donkey mother’s “true grit” action has started, I also personally involved, expected market can bring positive energy and real practice of “user-centric, with the striver for this” spirit.

the Yu Jingyu group goal, we still don’t forget the beginner’s mind. From January 2004 when he started his first company, we, as the target, this lifetime to do one of the world’s most respected travel operation group, with operating lift up tourism competitiveness in China. Until today, we spent more than 10 years time, JingYu group has become China’s only O2O one-stop operating group chains of the tourism industry, from the scenic area planning and design, operations management, brand design and network marketing, e-commerce, tents, wisdom, scenic spot passenger characteristic hotel in six aspects, such as for the scenic side and tourists and provide one-stop service.

in recent years, JingYu faced to the more complex and more competition, but JingYu people always believe that every enterprise genes determine the future development direction, JingYu must hold to the ass mother online service for tourists and the power of the offline interaction design capacity of scenic spots, creating the most innovative travel O2O business dream. We are in China from a big tourist travel power ahead of a crucial moment, the online travel with unprecedented market prospect and huge space to grow up, of course also unprecedented fierce competition, our future will be in this way on the battlefield, has its own irreplaceable status: the donkey mother will not only adhere to the first day of the birth of dreams and goals clear – do tickets and Tours the first brand, and the whole JingYu group will be in the size of the market than OTA market tourism O2O establish the status of leading enterprises in the industry.

in today’s era, every plate business JingYu has made them champions of a free field, whether it will be difficult to survive. Over the next ten years, China’s tourism industry upstream resources value will rise again, hit channels may be just a “assassin”, occupy YuanTouZhe is “revolutionary”. The Internet is not the greatest value for tourism to generate the new things, but the traditional tourism enterprises, products, and resources mining and ascend. JingYu group will through its six major parts of O2O one-stop services to enable us to more have offline scarce scenic area management right or right to develop and make use of these unique resources, and through the capital or business cooperation linkage to the greatest extent with offline quality of scenic spot resources companies, packaging design for the ass mother users make them scream brand product, make tourist value, resource value, all JingYu one’s personal value and enterprise value achieve full harvest.

simple believe that silly insist! Integrity, passion, innovation, win more is JingYu has been established since starting on the first day of values. We have been advocating innovation, innovation is a very difficult path, open up new markets not only have too many challenges on the way, at the same time will be affected by a lot of questions, from the first time I venture jointly established in Beijing (Beijing’s first private tourism planning and design company), and then I go back to Shanghai together with brothers founded the first private tourism planning and design company, has been a lot of people doubted; In 2008 we founded the ass mother, very many people believe that there can be no greater as ticket industry, as the nation’s first scenic spot ticket distribution e-commerce platform, we have to face a lot of questions, and many scenic spots on is not willing to cooperate, but we never hesitate and give up, to support our is “simple believe that the future trend of silly adhere to the dream in the heart” of the faith. Set up tents guest style resort hotel chain, a lot of people think we are crazy, we have never done wine shop, but our heart is always filled with users and the needs of tourists, they want to travel to live in the most beautiful scenic spots. At present, the “tent” as just a listed are popular with a large number of tourists and sought after. All this tells us: JingYu “believe” and “insist” is a force for invulnerable.

JingYu in the second decade of the can from numerous and complicated competition fight our way out, as the most innovative travel O2O one-stop operating group. Nothing is too difficult, as long as willing to climb!

aspirants, a way to cross the rubicon, 102 qin guan will all be chu; Whoever helps them, not, thrashing about three thousand more to wu.

you JingYu people, Mongolian long appropriate looking quantity, mo for floating clouds covered within! Let us work together, to think in the Internet and power to promote the operational efficiency of offline scenic spot, destination and value, embrace Chinese tourism online innovation brings the enormous changes and opportunities!

this is the pioneering spirit of the best times in history. Another 20 years, the era of young people must be very envy our s.

we especially apt.



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