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the market doesn’t believe in tears, more do not believe that feelings, is famous for its “feelings” hammer eventually failed to survive the pressure of the market, choose a steep price, one pace reachs the designated position drop 1000 yuan deserves to become a star in the smartphone diving king. Fever feelings machine selling price, even lose the bottom line, Mr. Luo is not far from out, blame it on the Internet by lei jun thinking pit.

when feelings become a mass consumer goods will have to adapt to the market rules

in the heart of every people have a hard to say feelings, Mr. Luo is very good at discovering the human nature, “feelings” is a very good selling points, but when put the feelings into the mass consumer goods, also have to adapt to the market rules.

dubious advantage of the Internet age, the achievement of millet, to kill with a hammer, if a hammer can appear as early as two years might also have hearing now, and when the hammer came out, the smartphone market has been quite mature, similar products have been hammer wasn’t too much to the living space, and consumers are increasingly mature, tolerance for new brand has fallen dramatically. If there are feelings of the person many, but the errors in the rhythm of the hammer, the upsurge of public opinion question and the feeling of the “feelings” of the hammer hammer powder for also produced.


the price was too high booking volume is too low, causing to foxconn’s order quantity is too little, can not get the attention of the contract, the hammer at the beginning of the manufacturing end loses the advantage. In addition, the early product design problems, leading to poor yield, production capacity is insufficient, and the quality problem of the product after delivery which leads to many feelings the rebound in fierce pursuit, the doubts of the media. A series of questions slow down the hammer early golden period of development, has laid the embarrassing situation today.

there is no diamond don’t embrace China live, tao is not only marketing, lack of adequate experience in mobile phone manufacturing is the biggest weakness, Mr. Luo sold out will have to adapt to the market rules of the game, the market does not believe that feelings.

capacity and word of mouth is not the time, how to do?

took four months time, the hammer finally solve the predicament of capacity, which occurs in the four months hammer lost the problem of word of mouth, and under the market doubts. In addition, this period, millet, meizu, huawei, and many other manufacturers have launched the new flagship machine, hammer in hardware already do not have advantage, feelings and began to suck the streets, the existing production capacity. What should I do?

the momentum, and failure again, three and hammer marketing drive has lost enough driving force, public opinion no longer believe, users are no longer buying it, then how to consume the inventory? The price is the best choice, the drop? Hammer powder 2600 can accept, but for 1799 meizu and 1799 millet, fell to 2600 hammer is still not competitive, and also have been to a lot of questions, as well once dropped to below 2000 yuan together again, this is Mr Luo drive, this leads to a no.

fever feelings when selling price is bought “feelings” or “fever”?

the price of 1000, Mr. Luo is be compelled helpless, can not the past candy, a hammer can also it is difficult to go pretty well into next year. Price, then the problem comes, 1980 users buy is “feelings”, or “fever”?

old certainly know, depreciate what it means, the hammer the “feelings” brand is liable to be wrong. Especially those early to follow old iron hammer powder, their feelings seem to be old became a joke, the feelings of 1980 fever is even less than 1999, mostly to hammer the pride of users instantly become LOW, millet users can the unscrupulous laugh at hammer.

of course, a hammer, from system to the configuration is a high quality mobile phones, to early valuation in fever market there is a desperate, but old must play a tall on the feelings, the hammer brand was botched, and millet competition “market in the end.

although Mr. Luo’s move to win a lot of users have feelings of love fever prick silk, but 2000 yuan of the following is too fierce market competition, the meizu of millet, 1799 is determined to get rid to hammer into this field of competitive pressure is too great, because in addition to millet, meizu, huawei, zte, cool, lenovo, HTC, and many other traditional phone makers are desperately from the market, the hammer at this time to come in, I’m afraid what has not cheap, however, in the hands of inventory, brush presence can still.

the theory of success in life Big deal start all over again?

old have made outside, one foot out is not completely impossible, perhaps old back from the brink has abandoned the T1, now began to plan the development of T2, the painful lessons of T1, old maybe can do a good job in T2, but “feelings” after the failure of the brand has been old, don’t know luo master next year will be to do what they.

article/Wang Liyang

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