The dispute of identity authentication: Apple Pay is Apple to win “the ultimate Trojan”

maybe iPhone from I don’t know what is a lonely, the release of the new products always make enough eyeballs, people are increasingly luxurious appearance, it is more and more large screen and continuously upgrade the hardware. From the reaction of the public can see Apple has earned the idle rich, yet Apple look ahead are brewing success next time.

people snapped up at three laps around the street, a predetermined people crazy to refresh the web page, the change of these people mobile phones may only reason is the color or more pixels. Now, no more frivolous excuse, a reason enough to make you change mobile: you need a mobile phone with digital identity authentication.

time back in June, Apple released at the release conference Touch ID technology, intelligent Apple as enter the authentication market entrance. Apple is one of the world’s most trusted company (still be trusted after a celebrity photos incident), contains more than two hundred million people in the iTunes account credit card file, there is a series of products need authentication procedures, these reasons Apple developer easier safety certification services.

in my opinion, the development of identity authentication, Apple early with the Apple ID for mobile application and website for certification, this delay is not only miss the huge opportunity, also missed the chance to be with Google, Facebook and realistically compete.

the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus release marks the Apple finished NFC, seamless combination of authentication and leading financial institutions. This also indicates that Apple to promote Apple ID – no longer limited to pay, but applied in various aspects.

in recent years, the user is the most headache thing is have a heap of user name and password to remember. Too much because the password, the user is easy to forget that the password retrieval process is quite complicated, it is really annoying. If all the web sites and applications can log in with the Apple ID, you can save these troubling experience, it is also a Touch ID’s commitment to the user.

in the end, the Apple ID agent Touch ID and Pay Apple, as you can imagine this strategy is to overcome other company authentication ace.

user will like Apple ID seamless certification experience – through fingerprint authentication can rapid login point-of-sale system and mobile application, mobile phone near the computer can complete sharing website.

commercial companies will also like it, because it will increase the certification of registration and customer, it can reduce the loss of the shopping cart. Accordingly, the dependent relationships between Apple and users will be more durable, more and more people will rely on Apple’s services.

and, more importantly, after the users see online interactive way, would prefer Apple. Once made up his mind to compete with Facebook and Google Apple, this is an important hidden value. This way of combination of hardware and software certification is simple and safe, and even today’s identity authentication service Facebook also does not have the top.

may in the short term, Facebook’s authentication service is still dominant, but his position will be the new certification service, even is replaced.

Google ID stable development momentum in recent years, because he had with the identity of their mobile phones (Android), so the combination of very sensible also is very important to the future development. Similar to Apple, Amazon released in 2013 the Login and Pay with Amazon provides identity authentication service, Fire Phone appearance but also realized the combination of hardware and software certification.

although rumors for years, but still no Facebook phone, he is going to use Facebook Home to Android do a layer of skin, compared with the mobile phone, it is insignificant.

the development of digital identity authentication is very fast, the user has a variety of optional authentication methods, between the essence of the certification competition gradually became the world’s top companies. Apple means is to put the Apple Pay and Touch ID as a “Trojan horse”, showing payment and mobile biometrics, pressuring the other competitors.

now, Facebook and Google still has a foothold in certification, but as more and more people use Apple ID login web sites and applications, will highlight their weakness. Wait until they want to share in this field, Apple has occupied the dominant position. At this stage of identity authentication is a piece of fat, I’m looking forward to how Apple will further stimulate the other companies.

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